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May Featured Menu Item – Chicken Parmesan in Scottsdale

Chicken Parmesan in Scottsdale

May Featured Menu Item – Chicken Parmesan in Scottsdale

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I am about to tell you something that may surprise you. Chicken Parmigiana or Chicken Parmesan or even Chicken Parm is technically not an Italian-born dish. Sure, it sounds Italian, has traditionally Italian ingredients and is typically served in Italian restaurants. But it’s true origins do not come from Italy, but from right her in the United States.
One would argue that Chicken Parmesan recipes are rooted in Italy, and they would be correct, but with a twist. The traditional Parmesan recipe was used in Eggplant Parmesan or Melanzana alla Parmigiana if you want to go full Italian. But it wasn’t until some brilliant Italian-Americans decided to substitute out eggplant for chicken that the Chicken Parmesan that we know and grub today was born. Thanks, ancestors!
All of that knowledge brings us to our May Featured Menu Item which is the Chicken Parmesan from North Italia – Scottsdale. There are a lot of great choice for Chicken Parmesan in Scottsdale, but for the month of May, we are choosing to celebrate the deliciousness that North Italia creates.
Here are the details:

Chicken Parmesan

A lightly breaded chicken breast with rigatoni noodles & grana padano cream.
Make sure to go and enjoy some Chicken Parmesan in Scottsdale for yourself. To see it and some of their other awesome menu items make sure to check out our Video Review!
We’ll be back next month with new Featured Menu Items!
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