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Memorial Day Weekend in Scottsdale

memorial day weekend

Memorial Day Weekend in Scottsdale

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Someone, please tell 2016 to stop it. As great as this year has been it has been absolutely flying by way too fast. I mean, it is already freaking Memorial Day Weekend, which signals the official start of summer. It’s crazy; I feel like we were just popping champagne celebrating New Years and now the year is half gone.
But since it is here, where should you enjoy your three-day weekend? Well, we came up with a list of some Scottsdale restaurants that we feel are downright American and would be great spots to enjoy some great food & cold drinks. Here is our list of some restaurants to spend your Memorial Day Weekend in Scottsdale at:


Why you should go here during Memorial Day Weekend: As you know, Bevvy is short for beverage and Bevvy has plenty of those but what we really recommend is venturing to Bevvy on Sunday for the kickoff of their Sparkling Wine & Good Times Sunday Brunch. Best part, $15 personal champagne bottles (choice of Brut or Rose). Second best part is their brunch menu. It’s a showstopper. Check out our Video Review

Drexyl Modern American

Why you should go here during Memorial Day Weekend: Well, it has American in the name so of course it has to be on the list. But even if it didn’t it would be as the food is phenomenal and their drink menu is will keep you coming back and ordering more and more. Check out our Video Review

Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers

Why you should go here during Memorial Day Weekend: I think we are going just to stick with the names being what gets you in the door and the food & drinks err Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers are what will keep you there. Check out our Video Review

Tom’s Thumb

Why you should go here during Memorial Day Weekend: One of two Scottsdale restaurants on our list that serves fantastic BBQ. What is more American and awesome than great BBQ? Not much, I guarantee you that. Check out our Video Review

Rehab Burger Therapy

Why you should go here during Memorial Day Weekend: The best part about Rehab Burger Therapy is that yes, you can check in for some rehab on Monday after enjoying your weekend or you can start there on Friday or Saturday. There is never a bad time to check in for Rehab. Check out our Video Review

Black & Bleu American Grill

Why you should go here during Memorial Day Weekend: Nothing is more American than the name Black & Bleu American Grill. It makes me think of burgers, steaks, and just makes me proud to be an American. Check out our Video Review

Bootleggers Scottsdale Smokehouse

Why you should go here during Memorial Day Weekend: The second Scottsdale restaurant on our list that serves fantastic BBQ. Also, did I mention that they also have moonshine? ‘Merica. Check out our Video Review
On a final and important note, let us not forget the reason that we get to kick off summer with a three-day weekend. That is a day to remember the brave souls who have died while serving in the United States armed forces. So, when you are celebrating this weekend make sure you take a moment to remember all those that fought to give you that right. We here at ScottsdaleRestaurants.com truly appreciate their sacrifices. Cheers.
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