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Nonna Urban Eatery Video Review

Nonna Urban Eatery – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For this week’s video review, we visited a brand new spot in the absolute heart of Old Town Scottsdale named Nonna Urban Eatery. Located on Main Street just east of Scottsdale Road right across from the legendary Rusty Spur. Nonna Urban Eatery is a unique restaurant “where the far west meets the love of cooking.”
Named in homage of Chef and owner Gian Franco Brugaletta’s grandmother or Nonna. Whom taught Chef at an early age that proper food takes time, dedication and overall a good simple ingredient. The chef recently relocated to Scottsdale from Monaco. But he didn’t come alone; he brought his passion for fresh seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes with a twist. Both of which inspired him to create a menu of “urban” dishes from all over the world. What this man can create with daily fresh fish and house-made pasta is something to behold. In addition to the impressive menu, Chef and his wife Valentina have created an inviting atmosphere at Nonna Urban Eatery. From the patio to the dining room kitchen and the wine list where every wine has a story. Again, unique is the keyword and makes Nonna Urban Eatery a must visit.
In the video review, we had Chef and Valentina take us on a culinary journey. From unique wine offerings to some of the most delicious fish appetizers we have ever had the pleasure of tasting. All the way to a couple of their house-made pasta dishes. We were impressed. So impressed in fact that we may have visited on our own sans cameras to repeat the experience. True story. Please enjoy the video review then visit Nonna Urban Eatery and tell them that we sent you!
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  1. The place looks amazing! I am from the North End of Boston, so I am pretty picky about my Italian food! I will have to check this out and see if it can impress me!

  2. Looks delicious with creative presentation.
    Must try sometime, Thanks for the suggested review.