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November Featured Menu Item – Chopped Salad

the original chopped salad scottsdale

November Featured Menu Item – Chopped Salad

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This month’s Featured Menu Item is something so special that it even has it’s own Facebook page (more on that below). Also, you can find it at not just one, but two different restaurants. Ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to The Original Chopped Salad that can be experienced at The Gladly and Citizen Public House. Two excellent restaurants, one superb salad!
When I say experienced, I mean it. This salad is life changing in all of the right ways. Once you enjoy it once, you will never dine at these two fine establishments again without ordering it. Truth!
Here are the details:

The Original Chopped Salad

It likes to speak in the third person: Often imitated I am corn, couscous, smoked salmon, asiago, pepitas, tomatoes, arugula & currants. All dressed up in a sassy buttermilk pesto dressing. In short–I am delicious!!

For the complete rundown and of course to ‘like’ it visit The Original Chopped Salad Facebook page. Then make your way to either The Gladly or Citizen Public House to experience it for yourself. While you are there we recommend exploring the rest of the menu as well. Enjoy!
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We’ll be back next month with new Featured Menu Items!
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