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Octane Raceway Video Review

Brickyard Grill at Octane Raceway – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For this week’s video review, we did something a little different. I am not going to lie, we got a little crazy, a little out of pocket and well, we turned it all the way up. We visited the Brickyard Grill at Octane Raceway. Located between Pima Rd and the 101 just south of Indian Bend/Talking Stick Way. I know what you are thinking, wait, isn’t that the only full-time Indoor/Outdoor track in the entire United States? Yes, you would be correct, it is the only full-time Indoor/Outdoor track in the entire United States. But it is also so much more. They have games, so so many games. They have an outdoor patio to play bag toss, cornhole, bags or whatever you call it. They also have a mini-ball bowling alley. So if you have some youngsters that aren’t quite old enough or tall enough to drive the karts there is still plenty of fun stuff for them to do.

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Lastly, and maybe most importantly, at least to us, they have the Brickyard Grill. This is not your standard just grab something to eat in between races restaurant. They put a lot effort into their food and drink menu and it truly shows. When you come to Octane Raceway, they want you to have a very well-rounded experience. From the games to the karts to the food. You will leave happy, full and more importantly amped up from tearing up the track! So, please enjoy our video review and visit Octane Raceway today and make sure to try out some food and drinks from the Brickyard Grill!
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