Our Scottsdale Picks for Arizona Restaurant Week

Our Scottsdale Picks for Arizona Restaurant Week

Our Scottsdale Picks for Arizona Restaurant Week

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You know I love September. Cooler temps on the way, football is back and what’s that now? It is mother freaking Arizona Restaurant Week?! Again! What?! Yes, please. For those that do not know what Arizona Restaurant Week is. First, weird. But it is a glorious week where certain Scottsdale restaurants offer up awesome three-course dinners at one affordable price. It’s actually Valleywide, hence the name Arizona Restaurant Week. However, we only focus on Scottsdale area (don’t forget The Fringe!) restaurants, hence our name.

But yes, three-course meals! Sounds too good to be true right? Nope. It’s realer than real, and it is awesome. But since there are so many amazing Scottsdale restaurants that participate in Arizona Restaurant Week. We here at ScottsdaleRestaurants.com would like to highlight some of our favorites. In the hopes that it helps you narrow down your list of where to spend your hard-earned cash this week.

So with that said, are you ready to enjoy some great three-course meals? Yeah, me too. Here is our list of the must try Scottsdale restaurants for Arizona Restaurant Week:

Blanco Tacos + Tequila – Scottsdale

What we say: One of our all-time favorite Scottsdale restaurants and we had an absolute blast filming here. Full disclosure, we have a blast filming all of our video reviews, but this one stands out. The food, the drinks, and the atmosphere are top notch! You really can’t go wrong with anything that you order at Blanco. However, we would HIGHLY suggest locking down that Crab & Shrimp Ceviche. Just saying. Check out our Video Review.

Cuisine: Mexican

How much: $44 Per Couple

First Course (Choose One Each): Our Famous Guacamole – Roasted Poblano & Anaheim Chiles, Caramelized Onion, Cotija Cheese OR Crab & Shrimp Ceviche* – Cucumber, Avocado, Radish Salad OR Mexican Chopped Salad – Roasted Corn, Guacamole, Black Beans, Crispy Tortilla & Creamy Rancho OR Chipotle Shrimp & Corn Crisp – Melted Oaxaca, Asadero & Monterey Jack on a Crispy Flour Tortilla

Second Course (Choose One Each): Grilled Fish Tacos – Fresh Avocado & Pico de Gallo OR Chicken Fajitas – with Caramelized Peppers, Onions, Garlic & Lime OR Grilled Salmon* – Roasted Yukon Hash, Chayote Squash, Sweet Peppers, Spinach OR Green Chili Pork Enchiladas – Poblano Pepper, Tomatillo & Blanco Cheese Blend OR Chicken Mole & Vegetable Arroz – Slow Braised Chicken, Calabacitas, Pumpkin Seeds

Third Course (Share One): Brown Sugar Caramel Flan OR Mexican Chocolate Cake OR Sopapillas & Local Honey

EVO – Scottsdale

What we say: A phenomenal restaurant for Italian food in Old Town Scottsdale. Chef Peter DeRuvo absolutely kills it with his menu items and they have put together an amazing selection of items for Arizona Restaurant Week. The odds are good that you will see me there when you go. Take that bet. Check out our Video Review.

Cuisine: Italian

How much: $33 Per Person

First Course (Choose One): Beef Carpaccio + fennel + shaved artichoke + truffle oil OR Insalata di fungi + white asparagus + truffle cheese OR Squash soup + crème fresh + pepitas

Second Course (Choose One): Trout almondine + crispy faro + shaved kabocha + pomegranate chutney OR Fried Chicken Marsala + parsley salad + roasted red potatoes OR Short Rib + oive oil mash + braised carrots + fois gravy

Third Course (Choose One): Pistachio Budino + chocolate ganache + whipped crema OR Ricotta Zeppolini + salted caramel OR Oive Oil Cake + lemon custard + raspberry gastrique

North Italia – Kierland Commons

What we say: If you do not want to venture to Old Town Scottsdale for your Italian food fix. North Italia in North Scottsdale has your back. We love this place, the ambiance, the food and the wine are perfect. We highly recommend the Chicken Parmesan. Check out our Video Review.

Cuisine: Italian

How much: $33 Per Person

First Course (Choose One): Seasonal Soup OR Bruschetta prosciutto di parma, crescenza cheese, grilled asparagus, tru e, grana padano OR Tuscan Kale crispy pancetta, charred grape, apple, pistachio, breadcrumb, parmesan vinaigrette OR Arancini fried mushroom risotto stuffed with scamorza cheese & served with red sauce OR Heirloom Beet roasted beet, apple, arugula, hazelnut, ricotta salata cheese, lemon crème fraiche

Second Course (Choose One): Bolognese traditional meat sauce, tagliatelle noodle & grana padano cheese OR Chicken Parmesan rigatoni noodle & grana padano cream OR Rosemary Chicken roasted vegetable, lemon butter pan jus OR Atlantic Salmon* roasted mushroom fregula, horseradish gremolata, breadcrumb OR Spinach Tortelloni roasted mushroom, bloomsdale spinach, ricotta, pecorino & saba

Third Course (Choose One): Salted Caramel Budino crème fraiche, maldon sea salt OR Tiramisu kahlua-soaked lady fingers, mascarpone mousse OR Olive Oil Cake fresh strawberry, macerated orange, mascarpone cream

Second Story Liquor Bar

What we say: A unique spot in Old Town Scottsdale, SSLB has the feel of another time or another place but feels absolutely right once you walk up the stairs. They are constantly changing and improving their menu to keep things fresh and, of course, delicious. Their selections for Arizona Restaurant Week do not disappoint. Check out our Video Review.

Cuisine: American

How much: $44 Per Person

First Course (Choose One): Charred Cabbage Salad | Sherry Bacon Vinaigrette | Bacon Bits | Popcorn Grits | Watercress | Pickled Cranberries OR Beef Tartare – Buttered Toast | Fried Egg | Crispy Capers | Horseradish | Micro Parsley | Fennel

Second Course (Choose One): Spinach Ravioli | Black Garlic | Wild Mushrooms | Goat Cheese | Parmesan OR Five Spice Crepes | Ginger Pork Belly | Truffle Soy Béchamel | Cilantro

Third Course (Choose One): Charred Hanger Steak | Smoked Potatoes | Harissa | Greek Yogurt | Leeks | Broccolini OR Double Fried Chicken | Roasted Garlic Crumpet | Bourbon Maple Syrup | Pancetta Butter | Jalapeno Green Tomato Jam

Bonus Coverage in The Fringe!

The Henry

What we say: As you know, this particular restaurant is not exactly in Scottsdale but since it is in The Fringe of Scottsdale, and we love it. We have to include it. If you have not been to The Henry yet, well add this bad boy to your list. Check out our Video Review.

Cuisine: American

How much: $33 Per Person

First Course (Choose One): Seasonal Ingredient bloomsdale spinach, roasted beet, fennel, stone fruits, puffed grains, goat cheese & pistachio OR Made to Order Guacamole roasted poblano, clementine, cilantro & pistachio OR Smoked Norwegian Salmon* potato hash brown, crème fraiche & arugula OR Market Soup

Second Course (Choose One): Roasted Chicken rosemary lemon pan jus, smashed garlic potato, kale & apple slaw OR Sweet Pea Tortelli house made bacon, pecorino romano, black pepper & pea leaves OR Skuna Bay Salmon* toasted almond quinoa, lemon glazed beet & arugula OR Braised Short Rib bourbon caramel, roasted mushroom, forme d’ambert & smashed potato

Third Course (Choose One): Warm Croissant Bread toasted pecans, caramel ice cream, whiskey raisins OR Lemon Meringue Tart blood orange, almond crumble & bee pollen

We hope this list makes your Arizona Restaurant Week decisions a little easier. Now make some reservations and enjoy some of the best that Scottsdale has to offer.

Did we leave any of your favorite Scottsdale spots off of our list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Troy Smith

I am a food lover, as well as a food fighter. I never underestimate the power of positive thinking. I don't get up before hitting snooze at least three times, and I haven't ever met an order of chips and salsa that I didn't like.

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