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Philadelphia Fish House Punch

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There’s a little place just out of town,
Where, if you go to lunch,
They’ll make you forget your mother-in-law
With a drink called Fish-House Punch.
The above is said to have been written in 1885 in reference to a cocktail called Fish House Punch, or as it is better known, Philadelphia Fish House Punch. Now, I quite like my mother-in-law, so I am not looking to forget her. However, the message of this beautifully written “poem” is very much right. This punch knocked us on our Scottsdale restaurant ass, in a good way, of course.
It is alleged that the first Fish House Punch was concocted over 150 years prior to that “poem” being written. In 1732, at Philadelphia’s fishing club, affectionately called, the State in Schuylkill or more simply, the Fish House. Which even to this day, remains the oldest continuously operating social club in the English-speaking world. I am not sure what that means exactly. But any club that is still going strong 283 years later deserves some respect. If not just for their longevity, then for creating such an excellent drink.
Don’t believe me? The Fish House Punch even has the Presidential Seal of Approval. But not just any president, I am talking G-Dubb himself, the great George Washington triple stamped it. Rumor has it that Ol’ Georgie liked to have a drink or two and one time during a celebration for something awesome that he did. He decided to give thirteen toasts – one for each state. While in Philly at the Fish House giving his toast and partaking in some Fish House Punch. He got so turned up that he couldn’t bring himself to make an entry in his diary for the following three days. Yes, you read that correctly; he couldn’t or didn’t care to write anything down for three days after! Told you it will knock you on your ass!
Of course, back then people were all about resourcefulness. So sometimes in the mornings, they would use the large fish bowls for baptismal fonts for small infants. That is how big the bowls were; they could fit a baby in them by day and enough booze in them by night to make you forget how to write. So you could see how they could get Ol’ Georgie in trouble.
Nowadays, the bowl sizes have gotten down to more responsible sizes. But they are no less potent or enjoyable than they were back then. Many places have tried to recapture the magic. But we think that Scottsdale restaurant, The Second Story Liquor Bar has done it. So make sure to pop by, give a toast and try a couple Philadelphia Fish House Punches for yourself. Just don’t plan on writing in your diary for a couple days after.
Philadelphia Fish House Punch Ingredients (Scottsdale Edition)
Appleton Rum
Lemon Juice

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