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Ready for Date Night in Scottsdale?

Scottsdale Restaurants

Ready for Date Night in Scottsdale?

Date night.
When you hear those words what do you feel? Do they bring you nothing but excitement because you know you are going to get to spend an evening alone with your significant other? If the answer is yes, then it is apparent that you are not the one tasked with planning your date night in Scottsdale. If you are the one planning it, yes you feel excited to spend time with your signif, for a brief moment. However, that feeling is quickly replaced by pure poodle left all alone at home anxiety.
What will you do on date night?
What Scottsdale restaurant will you pick?
Will there be an activity?
Do you go to a movie? But wait, what movie?
Do you have to wear pants?
So many questions immediately flood your brain and boom, you have it. What am I referring to?
Date Night Anxiety.
Symptoms may include sweaty palms, increased heartbeat, excessive Googling, constant second guessing yourself and a fear of complete and utter failure.
You may think you are immune. You say, no, it couldn’t happen to me. But you my friend, are not immune. No one is. Statistics say that sixty percent of people will be affected by Date Night Anxiety one hundred percent of the time. It’s science. Don’t believe me? Look at these examples:
The two people who just started dating. Maybe even, they are going on a first date. After they both swiped right on Tinder, matched on Match.com or got hooked on Plenty of Fish and everything is all roses, morning cuddling, and cute emoticons. Yep, they have been plagued by it.
The newlyweds who are settling into marital bliss, floating on a cloud of love and seem way too happy on Facebook? You bet they have been stricken with Date Night Anxiety.
The married couple with 2.5 kids, a white picket fence and a dog just looking for some peace and quite and a night out away from the kids? This terrible affliction has affected them a time or ten as well.
The retired couple looking just to have a relaxing evening out with each other? Boom. Date Night Anxiety knocks one of them off their rocker.
You see, we can’t fight it. No matter the age group or status in life we all are affected by Date Night Anxiety at one time or another. All we can do is be prepared and today folks, I am here to help you with your next date night in Scottsdale.
Now, I can’t prepare you for everything and give you a complete roadmap to the perfect date night in Scottsdale. But what I can do is recommend some of the can’t miss Scottsdale restaurants for your next date night. Because let’s face it, picking the perfect Scottsdale restaurant is more than half of the battle. Once you have that handled, it will lessen some of your anxiety so that you can focus on activities or which movie you are going to see and putting on pants.
Here are my recommendations of can’t miss places that are guaranteed to put a smile on your date’s face:
This hidden gem is tucked inside Old Town Scottsdale’s charming Bespoke Inn bed and breakfast. Virtu features an ever changing Mediterranean-inspired menu and a unique cocktail program. Perfect for a romantic evening in Old Town and if dinner really goes well, did I mention it is located in a bed and breakfast?
Becketts Table
This suggestion is located in what we call the “Fringe.” Just outside of Scottsdale, but still in the Scottsdale area on 37th Street and Indian School. The menu features a hearty assortment of seasonal, American dishes. It is on the little more laid back side but still sophisticated enough to be perfect for a date night.
Pane E Vino
I don’t need to say much here as our video review can do most of the talking. But this North Scottsdale restaurant is all that and more. You owe it to you and your date to try it out. But make sure you both come hungry for some delicious authentic Italian food.
Suma Maya
For the more adventurous date night in Scottsdale, I recommend Sumo Maya. The Mexican-Asian menu impresses as does a unique atmosphere. Share a couple of dishes and then if the date is going well (it will be) hang out after dinner for a nightcap as they are open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.
True Foods Kitchen
Located in the Scottsdale Quarter, this Fox Restaurant Concept is perfect for a healthy lighthearted date night in Scottsdale. Share a bowl of Kale & Avocado Dip and then one of their flatbread pizzas and cap it off with your choice of Libations, Presses or Punches. Followed by a walk around the Quarter. Romance.
White Chocolate Grill
Also in the Kierland area, you will want to come to this Scottsdale restaurant for its name alone. Which you are not wrong in doing but don’t sleep on the rest of the menu either. Perfectly grilled steaks, expertly chopped salads and a lot more is what you will find as you explore the menu. Then after dinner, yes, make your way to the dessert portion of the menu and enjoy.
Again, I know that my recommendations will not relieve all of your Date Night Anxiety as you start to plan your next date night in Scottsdale. I can only hope that they at least eliminate the sweaty palms. Cause no one likes sweaty palms. No go enjoy your date!

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