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Red Bull Flying Bach: Urban Culture Meets High Society

red bull flying bach

Red Bull Flying Bach – Scottsdale Restaurants

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After a 2010 Germany Premiere, a performance in over thirty-one countries and over 400,000 spectators. Red Bull has teamed up with Live Nation to make Comerica Theatre the fifth stop on the Red Bull Flying Bach 2016-2017 USA Tour. Red Bull Flying Bach is the visualization of Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier. Transformed into a modern day performance via the combination of professional break dancing, ballet, and theatre.
In 1993, Founder of the Flying Steps, Vartan Bassil teamed up with Conductor Christoph Hagel. Together, they assembled a team of thirty-five professional break dancers and Swedish Ballerina Anna Holstrom. To bring an adaptation of Bach’s classical music piece alive. For all ages and demographics to enjoy. The Red Bull Flying Bach Tour has been a way for The Flying Steps to demonstrate that they are truly artists, “not just break dancers.”

Using art to transform art.

Even the history of Bach’s, The Well-Tempered Clavier came out of the Baroque Age in Europe. Where the artistic style combined abstract and formal concepts. Red Bull Flying Bach is yet another method of using art to transform art. Bassil said it himself—it was the ballerina doing a pirouette when he envisioned a break dancer spinning on their head to the classical sounds of Bach.
If you were lucky and a First Friday Downtown Phoenix goer. Then you got a taste of the Red Bull Flying Bach at the First Friday Pop-up event on December 2nd. The stage setup was in the heart of downtown getting everyone excited for the show. Which will be at Comerica Theatre, Friday, December 9th through Sunday, December 11th. Every night the show starts at 8 pm, and for tickets that range from forty to eighty bucks. It’s something that shouldn’t be missed.  Phoenix will be the fifth stop on the USA tour with future performances in Baltimore, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.
Witnessing the Red Bull Flying Bach will be an opportunity to have a unique experience that has people all over the world raving about a truly electrifying visual performance.
For tickets and more info, please visit redbullflyingbach.com
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