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Rusconi's American Kitchen Video Review

Rusconi’s American Kitchen | Video Review

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For this week’s video review, the team visited a spot in Phoenix named Rusconi’s American Kitchen. Located on the northeast corner of Tatum Boulevard and Shea Boulevard.
For this video review, we switched it up a little bit, and I sat this one out to get in a little extra family time. Full disclosure: I had an extreme case of FOMO (fear of missing out) the whole time. To fill in for me, we had PR extraordinaire Robyn Moore from Mack Media Relations join the guys. To say that she filled my shoes would be an understatement. In fact, I am not sure how I can now fill her shoes as she set the bar high.
In the video review, they tried what looks like a lot of great food and drinks. Enjoyed a great atmosphere that in Chris’ words “rocked!” When asked to expand on that he described Rusconi’s American Kitchen as one of the top 10 restaurants that we have tried. A hidden gem in Phoenix with the previously mentioned superb atmosphere paired with a vast selection of unique menu items and them cocktails, well, they rocked.
Please enjoy the video review and visit Rusconi’s American Kitchen for yourself. Comment below your favorite menu item that we tried for a chance to win a gift card.
You can find Robyn online @mackmediarelations
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  1. Drinks look enviting…food made my mouth water-but that Desert…I have to try it!