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The One Where We Eat Sandwiches in Scottsdale

The One Where We Eat Sandwiches in Scottsdale

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Think of Joey Tribbiani from Friends and two things come to mind: “How you doin’?” and sandwiches. The love Joey had for sandwiches was intense and well-documented. In New York City, there are delis/sandwich shops (and bagel joints, pizzerias, Chinese restaurants and so on) on every corner. The crazy thing is, they are almost all excellent. Let’s face it; you won’t last in New York if you’re not. In Scottsdale, good sandwiches may be harder to find, but the great ones are worth seeking out. In true “Joey” style, we set out to find some great Scottsdale sandwiches – and paired some favorite Friends lines with each one.

“Just don’t order a garden salad then eat my food.”

The Chicken Scoop

Sandwich Pick: The Beef & Cheddar

The Chicken Scoop has quickly gained a legion of fans thanks primarily to their 14 flavors of chicken salad. They also have specialty sandwiches – Toasties – available. The Toastie that makes this list is “the Beef & Cheddar.” In addition to tender, thinly sliced roast beef and cheddar cheese, you get tomato, and just enough horseradish spread to give it a little kick. You also get your choice of side. If you want to stay on the healthy side, The Chicken Scoop also has spring mix salads and soups. Just don’t share your Beef & Cheddar. Why? It’s just that good and also, “Joey doesn’t share food.

“That’s a great story. Can I eat it?”

Andreoli Italian Grocer

Sandwich Pick: The Porchetta

I heard about Andreoli Italian Grocer for years before getting to check it out. The moment I walked in, I knew I was in for an authentic old-world experience. The food is so good that I had a hard time choosing the best sandwich. So I recruited the opinion of a friend but not just any friend. This friend knows Italian food better than most, managing one of the preeminent Italian restaurants in Arizona. With his help, I decided on the porchetta sandwich. If you’re unfamiliar with porchetta, it is decadent, savory and an absolute treat. Roasted pork, with generous seasonings. It’s not just a pork sandwich, however. I promise. You’ll be telling your own story about this sandwich after you get it.

“The fridge broke so I had to eat everything.”

JJ’s Delicatessen

Sandwich Pick: Rudy’s Reuben

The giant menu board at JJ’s can be overwhelming your first time there. Don’t panic – and don’t order everything – at least not at once. If you go to JJ’s for lunch, go with Rudy’s Reuben. The Reuben is a New York staple, and JJ’s knocks it out of the park. Start with freshly grilled rye bread and have your choice of the traditional corned beef, pastrami or turkey. Add sauerkraut, swiss cheese, deli mustard and a side of thousand island dressing. You’re in sandwich heaven. By the way, if you’re at JJ’s in the morning, get anything that involves a bagel. The bagels at JJ’s are some of the best in the Valley. (As discussed during the soon-to-be-famous Candlelight Chats recently.)

“Wait! Maybe it’s a pickle.”


Sandwich Pick: Havana Pork Sandwich

New York can lay claim to the Reuben, but Florida is home to the excellent Cuban. At Metropolis, they call it the Havana Pork Sandwich and put their own twist on the legend. Shredded pork, ham, spicy dijon mustard, paprika aioli & gruyere cheese on grilled telera bread. And of course, pickles. If this doesn’t sound like a good combination to you, just give it a shot. It all fits together like six 20-somethings at Central Perk.

These are some of our favorite sandwiches in Scottsdale, but there are many more places to get a delicious sandwich in Scottsdale. Where is your pick for the best sandwich in town OR what is your favorite Friends quote? Let us know in the comments, and maybe you can win yourself a gift card.
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