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Scottsdale Restaurants 2016 Best of…

scottsdale restaurants

Scottsdale Restaurants 2016 Best of…

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2016 has been a great year, Scottsdale Restaurants continues to grow, and we continue to learn. Seriously, we learn something new every video review that we do in . Do we retain that knowledge? Questionable. However, we try.
We also continue to be humbled by the ever growing support from all of you. It is no lie in saying that we would not be able to do what we do without your support. Yes you, and you and even you! You guys mean the world to us and we are happy to bring you fun, creative content and continue to build a platform for local businesses to shine. So a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their support of us, the restaurants that we showcase and all of our marketing partners that help us keep the lights on. Cheers to you from the bottom of our hearts!
Having said all of that, here is a list of some of our favorite things from the past year. Without further ado, 2016 Best of…:

Best “Impression of Chris” (0:00)

When we visited Pho King Kitchen Migs decided that he wanted to fake punch the camera and nailed his Chris impression. Don’t you agree?

Best “Stealer of the Show” (3:14)

Every video review, we have our stealer of the show. There was just something about this particular menu item from Crab & Mermaid that put it above and beyond for us. Plus, Miguel.

Best “Shakes” (3:58)

Inside the Hotel Valley Ho resides an excellent restaurant named ZuZu that not only has fantastic food, but they also have phenomenal milkshakes or shakes as Chris says and of course, dances.

Best “Fast” Food (1:58)

Ok, technically this isn’t fast food per say. However, you do get to eat food and then go fast in a go-kart at the Brickyard Grill inside of Octane Raceway, so we will allow it. Also, did you see that burger?!

Best “Manhandling” (0:00)

Back in August, we had the Boss Lady herself Miss Stacey from WeDoMen.com on as a guest star when we visited Farm & Craft and we had a great time as she educated us and of course, put us in our place!

Best “Ice Cube” Not the Rapper (0:43)

There was so much awesome in this video review that we could make a whole list just on The Gladly alone, but we wanted to highlight the Ice Ball for two reasons. First, it is unique and classy. Second, they donate a portion of every Ice Ball purchased to charity.

Best “Chopped Salad” (2:18)

In reality, this award could have gone to The Gladly as well. But we figured that we would show Citizen Public House some love as well. Hungry, just thinking about it.

Best “Scoop” (0:00)

We highly enjoyed our visit to The Chicken Scoop in North Scottsdale. Bonus best, Chris and I wore matching green shirts for no particular reason. Great minds enjoyed some great chicken scoops!

Best “4 Course Meal” (0:00)

There is a reason that Monarch is listed as one of the Top 100 Restaurants in the America. They just do it right, 4 courses of amazingness and it doesn’t hurt the atmosphere is among the best in Scottsdale. Plus, did we mention wine pairings? Shouts to Sam!

Best “Place to be a Boss” (0:00)

None other that Boss Coffee in North Scottsdale. We enjoyed filming this video review and we have been back numerous times since for that amazing cold brew!

Best “Flight” (1:05)

Actually, we couldn’t pick just 4 selections. So we encourage you to try all of the bourbon at Bourbon Jacks as well as all the Whiskey. They have over 140 different kinds to choose from for your flight! Get busy!

Best “Use of a Cow” (0:19)

Some places have beef, some have ice cream. Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse has great grass-fed beef as well as fresh a creamery. Get a burger or steak and finish it off with some super fresh ice cream. Win, win!

Best “Tip to Avoid a Pickpocket” (2:56)

After we visited Flower Child with special guest star Ryan Bader, Miguel dropped his keys and some knowledge. Definitely a life hack and something to pay attention to.

There you have it, there are some of the things that we liked the best this past year. Did we leave something off of the list? Please let us know in the comments. See you on 2017! Cheers!
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