New Year, New You? Nah.. \_(ツ)_/¯

New Year, New You? Nah.. \_(ツ)_/¯

New Year, New You? Nah… \_(ツ)_/¯

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How long did you last? What am I talking about? I am talking about your New Year, New You attitude. How long did it last? Two, mayyybe three weeks? That’s admirable. Look, we get it. You aren’t the only one who made promises to yourself on January 1st.

Going to go to the gym at least four times a week. Check.

Going to meal prep and not eat out every week. Check.

New Year, New You. Check and Check

But let’s face it, 2019 is the Year of the Pig and there is just too much temptation out there. So many great Scottsdale restaurants to choose from. So how did it start? Let us guess, you were on the straight and narrow killing the new you. Then bam, one day you see a picture of Philly Cheese Steak Fries from Rehab Burger Therapy Tempe on Instagram. The next thing you know you are covered in nacho cheese at Rehab with no clue how you even got there. Meanwhile, your meal prepped chicken breast and veggies looks on in disappointment. It’s fine, it’s only once and you promised not to do it again. Slipping up once doesn’t make you a bad person. Maybe you even made it another day or two without slipping again. Yay you.

But oh what’s that? Yet another Instagram picture of the Chicken in a Biscuit Sandwich from The Joy Bus Diner.

The Joy Bus Diner

The Joy Bus Diner via @scottsdalerestaurants

You say to yourself, nope, not today satan. But you’re curious, what is The The Joy Bus? So you google it and find out that “The Joy Bus is a Not for Profit organization whose sole purpose is to relieve the daily struggles of homebound cancer patients with a fresh Chef Inspired meal and a friendly face and every cent earned at The Joy Bus Diner will be used to support The Joy Bus.

Great cause right? So you double tap it to show some love. All good. No harm no fowl. (wink) But that hardly feels like you are doing enough. No, you need to give Joy Bus a visit to truly support them. So you go and you order that double dipped crispy chicken breast sandwiched between two homemade biscuits with mayo, lettuce & tomato. You justify this slip up as contributing to a good cause. No one can blame you for this one. As they say “doing good never tasted so good!”

Only two slip-ups, you can come back from this. What is life without its little setbacks? It keeps things interesting. But no more. You recommit yourself to the “new you” and it’s meal prepped chicken and veggies from now on. Well, it was, until that weekend happened. You know the one. The one where you had a rough week and Friday hit and you said screw it. You work hard, you shouldn’t torture yourself. You should Treat Yourself. Besides, maybe the old you was fine. Moderation, that is what you will do. All good right? Nope.

From there, the wheels came completely off. You started on Friday night with a Pepperoni Pizza from Craft64.

After that, you bellied up to the bar at The Beverly on Main for more than one of their amazing cocktails. Pro-tip – ask for Andrew.

Then you ended the night with some Confit Chicken Wings from Kelly’s at Southbridge.

Waking up Saturday morning (early afternoon) you decided to keep the train rolling with some Eggs Benedict at Hearth ’61 at Mountain Shadows.

From there, you tried to venture across the street to El Chorro to get your hands on some Sticky Buns. Only to realize that El Chorro doesn’t open til 4pm on Saturdays. You make a mental note to come back.

El Chorro

El Chorro via @scottsdalerestaurants

Now it’s time for lunch and what is better than a PBJ & Bacon Burger from Rehab Burger Therapy Scottsdale? Yes, you already cheated at Rehab. But it doesn’t really count as it was the Tempe location. Plus, it’s called Rehab and you checked in so it can’t be all bad right?! Keeping that theme you crushed a Pot Brownie as well. Whoops.

For Saturday night’s dinner, after feeling a little bit of remorse for your wonderful lunch you decided to keep it classy and tackle The Original Chopped Salad from Citizen Public House. It’s a salad so that’s good, also it is fantastic so there’s that.

What happened after that is anyone’s guess as you ventured into Scottdsdale’s Entertainment District or better known as The Vortex. You aren’t exactly sure where you went or what you had but you know you had a great time. You know this as you woke up Sunday morning with receipts from Casa Amigos, Skylanes, Riot House, El Hefe, and Whiskey Row. So whatever you had, you definitely Lived Your Best Life.

However, PGD (Post Grubbing Depression) promptly kicks in and you are not sure this Treat Yourself weekend was the best idea. So in light of that, you called in a Cali Club and Breakfast Buzz to-go order from D’ Lite Healthy on the Go to enjoy while you reaccess your life decisions. But like anything, with a little time you forget and move on. Which means you googled El Chorro’s Sunday hours and then made plans to go get them Sticky Buns.

New year, same glorious you. \_(ツ)_/¯

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Written by Troy Smith

I am a food lover, as well as a food fighter. I never underestimate the power of positive thinking. I don't get up before hitting snooze at least three times, and I haven't ever met an order of chips and salsa that I didn't like.

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