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Scottsdale Restaurants Launch Party

Scottsdale Restaurants Launch Party

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When we started the Scottsdale Restaurants website three months ago, we had no idea what to expect. Would people like our videos as Chris predicted? Would Scottsdale restaurants even allow Three Generic Dudes to come into film videos? Would Miguel be able to put up with Chris and me? It was all a mystery. We just knew that we had a pretty unique idea to bring something different and positive to the local Scottsdale community, and we hoped that people would respond to what we were trying to do.
In the three short months since we have launched we have been humbled time and time again by the support that we have received. From the Scottsdale restaurant owners, managers and employees to all of our dedicated fans. Everyone has been overwhelmingly positive.
We want to thank everyone who has supported us by signing up for our VIP list. Liking, commenting and sharing our posts on Facebook. Favoriting and retweeting us on Twitter. Following and hearting us on Instagram (shameless plugs) and just telling your friends and family about the site. We appreciate every single one of you.
We especially would like to thank everyone who joined us at our launch party. You guys and gals are awesome! As you can see from the video, we had a blast with all of you and you better believe that we plan to have more fan appreciation outings in the future. So be on the lookout for those. Last and certainly not least, a special shout out to Bootlegger’s Modern American Smokehouse for hosting, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Tito’s Vodka and Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine for sponsoring and The Social Chimp Photo Booth for snapping some great pictures!
Moving forward, we want to continue to grow and build on what we have accomplished in these first three months, and we believe that with your continued support, the sky is the limit. Plus, we will never stop giving away free stuff. People love free stuff.
Now please enjoy the awesome launch party video montage that the amazingly talented Miguel put together and thank you again for Getting Generic with us!
Three (humbled) Generic Dudes

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