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Scottsdale Restaurants Near Me

Scottsdale Restaurants Near Me

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As you know, I recently got back from vacation. I went to visit Italy and Greece for two weeks, with a pitstop in Canada. The trip was amazing, thank you for asking. I don’t bring it up to humblebrag. Well, maybe a little. But no, the reason that I bring up my trip is because of something that kept happening to me over and over. I would be wandering around looking for this place or that like a typical tourist. Then frustration would start to set in because I couldn’t find it, and I knew it was near me. Yes, I could take the easy way out and try to use my smartphone to guide me there. But I was trying to save my data for social media uploads. First world problems right? So I would give up on trying to find whatever restaurant that was near me and do what your parents always told you to do, ask a stranger.
The strangers were nice and helpful to me for the most part. But instead of giving me exact directions to where I needed to go they would say, and I quote “Oh, that is just up around the corner” in broken English and an endearing accent. Then point me in a general direction. Fun fact, it was never just around the corner. Yes, it would be in the general direction that they sent me. But typically that meant up eight blocks over four, and then I would stumble upon it as if almost by accident.
The first time that I heard “Oh, that is just up around the corner” and then wandered up “around the corner” for another 15 minutes before I found it. I thought I was just being screwed with because I was clearly a tourist. Guessing my selfie stick gave it away. But no, that was basically the answer anytime that I asked for directions. In both countries. So I came to the conclusion that, “just around the corner” is how they always describe where something is. So toward the end of my trip as soon as the helpful citizen would utter those words and send me in a direction. I was confident that I would find the place that I was looking for… in about 15 to 20 minutes.
The reason that I am telling you my somewhat long winded story about talking to strangers is because I want to avoid having that European tradition make its way to Scottsdale. What that means is that the next time that you are wandering around and wondering “what are the Scottsdale restaurants near me?” instead of asking a stranger, you can ask us. How is that you say? Well you most likely don’t need a fancy global data plan. So, you can visit ScottsdaleRestaurants.com and check out our ever expanding Restaurant Directory. Complete with pertinent restaurant details, a video review (if we have reviewed it already), Scottsdale resident reviews and most importantly, a map. Don’t worry, you will still have enough data for social media uploads.
So quit talking to strangers, get out there and visit a Scottsdale restaurant near you!
If you are a restaurant that wants to be added to the directory and/or a video review, please contact us.

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