Best Restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale

Best Restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale

Best Scottsdale Restaurants Old Town!

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Scottsdale has been producing some heavy hitter restaurants that would put Scottsdale up against some great foodie cities in the nation. Our focus today is to showcase and list our best restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale. We technically expanded what is indeed considered “Old Town Scottsdale,” however, there are a few restaurants that made our list that can not be denied! Without any further wait, below is our list of best restaurants in old town Scottsdale!

Daily Dose Scottsdale

One of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Old Town Scottsdale! Chicken and waffles are a hit along with their expansive menu! You will not be disappointed. Great atmosphere, along with a great patio when the weather is perfect. For brunch, they have a vast selection of beer flights, mimosas, bloody mary’s and a full bar if you are feeling froggy for brunch! My favorite item on the menu is the smoked salmon eggs benedict. Hollandaise is perfect and compliments well with the fresh smoked salmon. Not too heavy on the amount of food but just enough to allow you to sip your favorite cocktails, at least for me.

Rehab Burger Therapy Scottsdale

Hands down the best burgers in Scottsdale and one of the best Old Town Scottsdale restaurants. An absolute MUST VISIT! Their PBJ and Siracha burger (yeah you heard that right) is something majestic. It’s a burst of flavors that I cannot describe to you. Be prepared to get sloppy when eating this, but honestly, who gives a shit. You are there to experience some of the best food Scottsdale has to offer. Iced cold beers, a fantastic atmosphere, great crew and ALL of their burgers are LEGIT. Also, we are big fans of their owner, Wiley Arnett. He’s a rockstar. No seriously, he is. Google him

Craft 64 Scottsdale

Fantastic pizza in Old Town Scottsdale! Craft64 is the spot! Great pizza and even better beers on tap! Tons of selection. I highly recommend watching the review below to see all the options on beer flights and their pizza specials!

 Cafe Monarch

My partner, Troy, said it best below about Monarch. They are simply the best. Awards after awards for the right reasons. Monarch always gets our vote as one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale, let alone the United States.

Troy mentioned: “The new space is, in a word, stunning. From the dining room, bar to the patio. You will be in impressed even before you sit down at your table.

From there you will peruse their course menu and note that they somehow someway upped their game there as well. There is a reason that Cafe Monarch is a Top 100 Restaurant in America. If we were to put a wager on it, we would bet that they will be a Michelin starred restaurant at some point. Keeping with the theme of upping their game, they have expanded their already impressive liquor program. We already know that their wine pairings are something to behold. “

Farm and Craft Scottsdale

Healthy. Local. Farm to table before it was a thing. They have always focus on local, sustainable food, and it’s a must-visit in Old town Scottsdale. Farm and Craft became so popular that they opened another location in Uptown Phoenix! Personally, I am a massive fan of their kombucha cocktails and build your own protein bowl. You cannot go wrong. They are located on Scottsdale Road right in Old Town Scottsdale.

Citizen Public House

Another one of our favorites! Fantastic restaurant located in the heart of old town. CPH is one of, if not, our favorite best restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale. They too locally source ingredients when available. On top of that, they have cocktails on tap and have been doing this for a long time! Same with their sister restaurantTheGladly, which is also a fantastic restaurant in the Valley.

Nonna Urban Italian

Troy said it best when we visited Nonna for a video review:

“Nonna Urban Eatery is located on Main Street just east of Scottsdale Road right across from the legendary Rusty Spur. Nonna Urban Eatery is a unique restaurant “where the far west meets the love of cooking.” Chef Gian Franco Brugaletta and his wife Valentina have created an impressive menu along with an inviting atmosphere at Nonna Urban Eatery. From the patio to the dining room kitchen and the wine list where every wine has a story. Again, unique is the keyword and makes Nonna Urban Eatery a must visit.”

The Beverly

The Beverly has always been a personal favorite of mine. So I’m partial on this spot to be fair. However, you can’t deny how popular this place is! Fantastic cocktails are always on the menu along with some great small plates that make this spot a complete winner. They also just added cauliflower bites and an impossible burger that is vegan. All angles here folks. Do yourself a favor and make a pit stop. Ask for Andrew or Luis… tell em’ we sent you!

Blue Clover Distillery

One of the newer spots in Old Town Scottsdale but has created a TON of buzz as they have their own distillery on the premise. What?!? Yeah, you heard right. They produce their own vodka and gin on site…. and it’s delicious.

Or as Troy says: “Not only is Blue Clover Distillery a great new restaurant, but they also house a full vodka and gin distillery on premise. We recommend stopping by Blue Clover Distillery to try some of their amazing food yourself and make sure you leave with some of their high-quality vodkas!”

So as you can see, we have mentioned a great selection of Scottsdale restaurants in Old Town! Feel free to comment below with a few of your favorite go to’s in Old Town Scottsdale. We would love to hear from you!

As always, our goal is to showcase the positive out of ALL the restaurants we mention! Our brand, Scottsdale Restaurants is all about showcasing the best of each local spot in the Valley! There is enough negativity in the world…

All my best,


Written by Chris Gruler

I'm a lover, not a fighter. I enjoy building brands and running Reach out to me anytime for advice, assistance or to say hello.

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