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Where to Go After a Scottsdale Spring Training Game

scottsdale spring training

Where to Go After a Scottsdale Spring Training Game

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Scottsdale spring training game. Never before have four simple words brought so much joy to so many people. Ok, ok. I am sure other four word combinations do as well like “will you marry me?”, “Leo won the Oscar“, “test results are negative” or “positive”. But I challenge anyone to say that a Scottsdale spring training game isn’t up there. People come from all over to enjoy the games and us, well, we get to act like they are no big deal. But deep down, we know. It does not get better than the month of March in Scottsdale.
As usual, you know that we are here to help, so we came up with a short list of pointers to help you have the proper Scottsdale spring training game experience and make the most of it. Here they are:
– For decent price tickets, attempt to buy your tickets in advance. Or, you can roll the dice with the random guy holding a sign that says “I need tickets”.
– Bring and wear sunscreen and embrace the lawn. You can sit in uncomfortable seats during the regular season. Related, you are not allowed to bring in lawn chairs. But you can bring in a blanket. Hi, picnic!
– No bags larger than 16″ x 16″ x 8″ can be brought into either stadium, and the bags must be soft-sided. Like my heart.
– Women, it is okay to wear flats as it’s hard to walk on the grass in heels. Men, please keep your pants on. No one wants to see that.
– Drink responsibly while at the game. It is, after all, a family event, so please try not to be that guy. But enjoy yourself. There are freezing baseball fans in other parts of the country who would love to be in your flip flops!
– Do not drink and drive. Not even a little. There are cabs, ubers, lyfts, golf carts, trolleys, rickshaws and you may even see horse drawn carriages around to get you from point A to B safely.
Now that you are prepared for the game, what should you do after? Where should you go? Again, we got you, here are some of our suggestions on where to go after spring training in Scottsdale:

Rehab Burger Therapy

Why you should go: As the name states, Rehab is a great place to get exactly that, Rehab. By way of delicious burgers. Check out our Video Review.


Why you should go: Similar to Rehab the name says it all. RnR is a great spot to rest & relax with some cocktails, and they have a killer small plates menu here if you’re just looking to nibble on a something. Check out our Video Review.

Sip Coffee & Beer House

Why you should go: I am quickly realizing that some Old Town Scottsdale restaurant’s names are quite descriptive of what they are about. Sip is no different as it is a place to do just that while listening to live music and decompressing from a day in the sun. Check out our Video Review.

Loco Patron

Why you should go: Well, it has Loco in the name so that should tell you something. Also, they have arguably the best chips & salsa in the Valley, so there is that as well. Check out our Video Review.

Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers

Why you should go: Umm, cold beers & cheeseburgers?! Do I really need to say anything else? Check out our Video Review.

Old Town Gringos

Why you should go: The name changed, and the place has been expertly remodeled, but the old school charm is still there. So are the drinks, all the drinks. Check out our Video Review.

Copperleaf Gastrolounge (CLOSED – RIP)

Why you should go: A great spot if you are looking for something slightly different from the norm. Topped of with a with a killer menu and cocktail list. Check out our Video Review.


Why you should go: A place to chill, have a cocktail and some food. Pro-Tip: this place goes bonkers at night. But it is a very good time. Check out our Video Review.

Bottled Blonde

Why you should go: Speaking of bonkers and a good time. Also, sneaky great food, bottles and of course, blondes. Although, I have seen other colors of hair there. Just saying, hashtag dadjoke. We recommend trying a pizza before or after your shots. Check out our Video Review.


Why you should go: This beautiful establishment is a ScottsdaleRestaurants.com favorite, good food menu, creative cocktails, games, off-track betting and a cool atmosphere. Also, it’s called Bevvy, which is short for beverages and you know we love those.
Now, we aren’t saying that these are the only Scottsdale restaurants to go to after a Scottsdale spring training game. Just some of our recommendations. If we left your favorite restaurant off of the list, please let us and the people know in the comments below. Afterall, we told you we are here to help.
Enjoy and be safe out there. We’ll see you on the streets!
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