Great Sports Bars in Scottsdale

Great Sports Bars in Scottsdale

Great Sports Bars in Scottsdale

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You know the feeling. When you leave the peace and comfort of your home and go to one of your local sports bars in Scottsdale to watch the game. As you walk in the only spot left at the bar… is right behind the keg taps. Or there are no spots left. Now you need a table -for one. So you spend the next three hours in a booth talking to yourself and can barely see a thing.

Don’t be THAT guy. Ladies, please keep reading, but in this scenario, we know it’s only guys that ever do this to themselves.

First, make some friends. You have excellent taste in websites – you’re a VIP for heaven’s sake! (Wait, you’re not? Ugh. Ok, we can work with this! Click here and fix it. We’ll wait. There, now you’re 2.63 times more awesome.) Like we were saying, you’re smart and funny (sometimes) and… well, you get the idea. Now, you have some friends. Great! Round them up and bring them to some of the best sports bars in Scottsdale to watch the March Madness (and everything else). Editors Note: FOOTBALL!!! No 13-inch black and white TVs from 1985. No “menus” with only frozen White Castle cheeseburgers and soggy personal pizzas. These places have plenty of TVs to see the game, cold drinks and good food.

dukes sports bar

Duke’s Sports Bar & Grill

If this were Scottsdale Sports Bar Jeopardy! The answer would be, “This longtime favorite on Miller and McDowell has almost every sports package and over 2,500 combined inches of television screens.” You feverishly press your button and ask, “What is Duke’s Sports Bar & Grill”? Alex Trebek gives you that ageless grin and you have control of the board.

Duke’s is a sports fan’s dream. Whatever you want to watch, it’s a safe bet you can find it at Duke’s. They have over 50 TVs in three different viewing areas making them a must for any best sports bars in Scottsdale list. In between games, there are pool tables, shuffleboard and more. Duke’s has a full menu with specials every day of the week and a rotating list of craft beers. Stay after the game, and you may find yourself playing team trivia or singing karaoke. Just promise if your team won you won’t attempt “We Are the Champions.” You will probably lose those great friends we just helped you make.
temple bar

Temple Bar Sports Grill

Two miles east of the 101 at Bell Road and Thompson Peak Parkway sits Temple Bar Sports Grill. Part-Irish Pub, part-Sports Bar, it is an excellent place to watch your game in North Scottsdale. One of the best things about Temple Bar is the patio. You can watch your game easily when the patio bar is open, and it is spacious out there. When it comes to food, all I’m going to say is, “tater tots.” Start with that. End with that. Everything else is just gravy. Well, not literally. That would be a weird menu.

K. O’Donnell’s

Seriously, is there anything “KO’s” doesn’t excel at? We’ve mentioned them here, most recently here and elsewhere. Even so, there is no way they can be left off a list of the best sports bars in Scottsdale. Over 50 high-definition TVs between the bar, patio and dining room. Killer food, friendly staff, a dog-friendly patio and daily specials. If your team is getting destroyed, now they even have off-track betting available to distract you.

Where’s your go-to spot to watch your favorite team? Did we miss a great sports bar in Scottsdale? Let us know in the comments. Maybe you get your friends, and I get my friends, and we can be friends. And talk about how we know the hottest spots in Scottsdale to watch the games.

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I love good wine and witty wordplay. I dig local biz and the people involved within. Jack of all trades, master of my domain. You'll find me online as @disguyyy.

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