Best Spots for Steak in Scottsdale

Best Spots for Steak in Scottsdale

Best Spots for Steak in Scottsdale

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Steaks are the politics of food. No other dish can cause as many fights and disrespect. If you tell the wrong person (me) you like your steak well done, be prepared for derision. If you put ketchup on your Prime bone-in ribeye, tears may be shed (also, by me). This doesn’t happen with any other food. You don’t order your eggs over medium instead of scrambled and get laughed at. When you ask for chicken tacos instead of ground beef, nobody “meat-shames” you.

We may mock you based on your steak preferences, but we still want you to enjoy the best ones out there. For that, we present you with some of our favorite places for steak in Scottsdale.

Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse

There are times when you’re not sure exactly what cut of steak you’re going to be in the mood for. These times call for Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse. One of the things I love most about Hand Cut is the choices. Ribeye, Flat Iron, Filet or a Bone-in NY Strip – Hand Cut has you covered. The other thing I love most about Hand Cut? Their dedication to responsible, locally-sourced beef.

Visit Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse‘s directory listing for more info.

Check out our video review of Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse:

El Panzon y Frida

Go to the 2:00 mark of our video review (below) of El Panzon y Frida. That bone-in ribeye may just be the best-SOUNDING steak in all of Scottsdale. This 16-ounce beauty appeals to all the senses. Chris and Troy go deep in their appreciation of it and believe us; this steak is more than just sizzle.

Visit El Panzon y Frida‘s directory listing for more info.

Check out our video review of El Panzon y Frida:

Flower Child

At first glance, Flower Child appearing on this list may seem out of place. Flower Child is more of a fast-casual concept as opposed to the full-service restaurants on this list. That doesn’t change the fact that The Rebel is deserving of being on this list. The Rebel is Flower Child’s steak wrap, delivering a generous portion of grass-fed beef. If you’re craving some steak but need it on the fly, Flower Child will satiate your desire.

Visit for more info.

Cafe Monarch

We recently discovered Cafe Monarch is moving across the street and expanding their operations. That should make it easier to get your hands on their Cast Iron Seared Filet Mignon. They update their coursing menu weekly, so just be aware there may be a different steak selection. Miguel was lucky enough to experience the Filet Mignon when we did our video review (below).

Visit Cafe Monarch‘s directory listing for more info.

Check out our video review of Cafe Monarch:


Some resort restaurants used to use their built-in captive audiences to avoid stepping their culinary game up. That was a long time ago. Multiple factors allow guests to bypass their hotel’s offerings if there’s somewhere better. We’re now in a golden age of resort dining. Out-of-towners aren’t looking for where the locals go for steak. Locals now go to where the vacation-goers are. One of those spots is Talavera at the Four Seasons in Troon North. Talavera has two worthy steak selections – their eight-ounce C.A.B. filet and their 12-ounce Prime New York Strip.

Visit for more info.

A medium-rare, bone-in ribeye – possibly with a little truffle butter. That’s the version that gets my vote for “steak president.” I’m willing to hear out other positions, though. After all, this isn’t politics we’re talking about. Oh, you just put A1 sauce on your well-done $80 porterhouse? Never mind. Let’s take this outside.

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