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The Gladly Video Review

The Gladly – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For this week’s video review, we ventured to what we call the “Fringe” of Scottsdale. Because you know we give the people what they want, so of course, you know that we had to visit The Gladly. For those that haven’t heard of or been to The Gladly yet. First, weird. Second, go. Located on the south side of Camelback Road in between 22nd and 24th Street. Pro-Tip: if you can’t find parking in the lot to the east of the restaurant there is parking behind it off of 22nd Street. The spots say reserved but they are available to visitors of The Gladly.
Now that we have parking out of the way let’s chat about what you get once are inside The Gladly. What is that exactly? First off, excellent service and a great atmosphere. Followed by creative and out of this world cocktails paired with equally impressive menu items. Seriously, this place will knock your socks off. Like, head to Target and buy new ones after dinner cause your current ones will be gone.
In the video review, we went into a self-induced food coma. Spoiler. So much goodness was enjoyed. We’re talking Crab Cakes, Hillbilly Egg Rolls for appetizers and you know we each had to order an Original Chopped Salad! We paired those excellent dishes with some creative cocktails (make sure to get the Ice Ball, it helps a charity, looks cool and makes your cocktail even better) and then dove into the main course. That was the point of no return; we headed for a food coma, and we didn’t care, the food was too good to turn back. I mean, with dishes like Duck Meatloaf, Shiitake Wagyu Burger, and a 5 Spice Short Rib Pot Roast how could you? Yes, we finished off with dessert from Pastry Chef Tracy Dempsey.
Don’t judge us, but do check out the video review and make sure to visit The Gladly for your own food coma.
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  1. Those crab cakes look amazing!!! I’ve been dying to try this place but pretty sure it’s a must now after this awesome review! Thanks guys!

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