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The Henry

The Henry – Scottsdale Restaurants Video Review

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As we have stated before, we love feedback. Good, bad or otherwise. Because again, this site is for you, the people and we got to give the people what they want. And well, the people have spoken, and they want breakfast & brunch video reviews. So that is what we have for you today.
Today’s video review isn’t just different because it’s a breakfast & brunch spot. It’s also different because we hit up The Henry. For those not familiar with The Henry, it is a restaurant on 44th Street and Camelback Road, and it is not located by address in Scottsdale. It is however in what we like to call the “Fringe” of Scottsdale. Make sure to use quotey fingers when you say it too.
Why the “Fringe”? Well, we want to give you options of places to dine in the Scottsdale area. However, just because a restaurant is slightly outside the Scottsdale city limits does not mean it should be excluded. Yes, there is a line to how far we will go outside of those limits and we’ll let you know when we find it.
Now back to today’s review, The Henry is a Fox Restaurant Concept or as I call it in the video review a Fox Concept Restaurant. What can I say, we filmed this at 7am, and my brain was not fully functioning yet.
The Henry is not full service for breakfast Monday thru Friday. On those days, you can hit up what is called The Henry Coffee Bar: XV. Or just XV as the cool kids call it to pick up quick breakfast or lunch items, as well as some kick-ass coffee, espresso and smoothies. You can order them to go or order them and then hang out and enjoy them in the restaurant.
Then, on Saturday and Sunday you can come in to try out some amazing breakfast and brunch items that aren’t available Monday thru Friday. We were lucky for our video review that the Chef was gracious enough to let us sample some of the weekend menu items. Our personal favorites were… pretty much the whole menu. Seriously, you really can’t go wrong. But if we had to choose, we’d say the Steel Cut Oats and the Smoked Norwegian Salmon are must orders. No lie.
The Henry is open for lunch and dinner as well, and hopefully we can make it back to try out some of those items soon. But until then, please scope out our video review of their breakfast & brunch items and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Then go visit the “Fringe” and try out The Henry for yourself!

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  1. So you had me at the coffee. However now I can’t wait to try the breakfast burrito. Looks solo good. Can’t wait to try this spot. Pick ME plz

  2. OK you had me at coffee. Then I seen the burrito. Looks so good. Want to try it out. I’ll even send you a video of my experience. Which is why you should choose to pick me