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The ScottsdaleRestaurants.com iOS APP!

When we launched ScottsdaleRestaurants.com in February 2015 we had a simple goal – to create unique and engaging content that showcases local restaurants in a positive, yet honest way. We feel like we have held true to that goal as we have grown over the past year and a half and we will continue to so.
However, we are always listening to you and looking for ways to better serve you and expand. So today, we are proud to announce that it is finally here, the ScottsdaleRestaurants.com iOS App!!! A lot of you have asked for it and you know that we always give the people what they want. Now, you can easily watch, comment & share all of our video reviews and the best part, you can record your own! All in our app. This is only version one of the ScottdsdaleRestaurants.com iOS app. We will continue to add new functionalities and unique updates that will for sure make this the go to app for all of your dining needs in the Scottsdale area.
So please make sure to download the ScottsdaleRestaurants.com iOS app & then record your own restaurant video reviews. Trust us, we will be doing gift card giveaways weekly to our favorite restaurant reviewers. The more content you create and creative that you get, the better!
Lastly, thank you for all of the continued support. We do this for you guys and will continue to be a positive force within the Scottsdale community.
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ScottsdaleRestaurants.com APP!

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