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Tom's Thumb Video Review

Tom’s Thumb Video Review ¬†– Scottsdale Restaurants

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People have been asking for us to venture out of Old Town Scottsdale a little bit more and visit some other restaurants around Scottsdale. So, per usual, we gotta give the people what they want, and we really think the people are really going to enjoy today’s video review.
For today’s video review, we made our way to a very unique and awesome North Scottsdale restaurant. It is called Tom’s Thumb, located on 94th Street and Bell Road. You may have heard of it, or you may not have. But what makes it so unique is that it is a gas station, car wash, cool craft shop/convenience store and most importantly, an amazing barbecue restaurant, all together in one perfect location.
How great is that? You can get a fill-up, and then drop your car off to be washed and after that, head inside to do some light shopping and enjoy an amazing meal. Super convenient right?
Yes, I mentioned that the food is great, but I really feel like I should drive the point home again. It is awesome. As you will see in the video review, we tried a couple different salads (Chris loves salad) as well as Tom’s Brisket – Full Stack and the Pig and Grits. All of them were unique, and we highly recommend that you try them. Bonus – all of the chicken, pork and brisket are all smoked in-house. Double Bonus – you can grab a beer or a bottle of wine to drink with your meal, you just have to pay a small corking fee.
We hope that you enjoy the video review and head north to Tom’s Thumb to enjoy this one of a kind Scottsdale restaurant.
Also, we LOVE feedback so please let us know your thoughts, likes or dislikes in the comments below.
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