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Top 10 Scottsdale Restaurants (Right Now)

top restaurants in Scottsdale

Here at ScottsdaleRestaurants.com we love lists! However, this list is different from that other one you just read on that other site. I promise. How is it different? Well, it is a list of my top 10 Scottsdale restaurants (right now). Meaning, it could change tomorrow or even an hour from now. I may even change my mind halfway through writing it. But until then, here are my top 10 picks (right now) in no particular order! Check them out for yourself to see if they would make your list and please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.
Citizen Public House
What is awesome about it? First, the food is fantastic, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. My personal fav is the Tender Pork Belly Chop. It gets a little noisy at dinner time but once you settle in with some Bernie’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese all your cares go away. Pro-Tip: After dinner pop outside and walk around the back to the phone by the dumpster to call the speakeasy that is upstairs to see if they will let you in for a night cap. Shh… it’s a secret.

Rehab Burger Therapy
From their happy hour, which goes from 11am to 6pm daily or 11am to CLOSE every Thursday to their delicious burgers, this place can’t be beaten. Even though it’s not on a beach, there are still plenty of reasons to CHECK IN! Once you are, relax in the reggae style atmosphere with a cold Corona in your hand, and you will be feeling fine in no time. A must try is the PBJ & Bacon Burger. Just trust me.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood
Come for the countless seafood options on the menu, stay for the upscale live entertainment and atmosphere. There are locations in other states, but I would like to think that the Scottsdale location is Eddie’s favorite! Pro-tip: No matter your entrée make sure you start with the Market Oysters for your appetizer.
The White Chocolate Grill
First, as the name suggests, you are going to want to save room for dessert. But first, make sure to try their Famous Chicken Salad. I mean, it is famous for a reason. Then, no matter if you are looking for a burger, fish or an amazing steak. This place has it all. But as I said, come hungry and make sure you order dessert!
Cornish Pasty Co.
Yes, please. This beautiful establishment is close to my heart for multiple reasons. It is walking distance from my house. The Chicken Pot Pie Pasty, the Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheese Bake. The fact that Car Bombs are always $3 and again, it is walking distance from my house. But honestly, I love this place. The staff is incredible and the atmosphere is just as good.

The Mission
If you are looking for great Mexican food, then look no further than The Mission. It is described as seamlessly blending old world charm with modern elegance. They also have some of the best Tableside Guacamole in not just Scottsdale, but the world! (Note: I have no facts to back this up other my taste buds.) Did I also mention they have a very LONG list of tequilas for you to explore? Come hungry and prepared for a good time!
Original Chop Shop – Scottsdale
There are two reasons that I have Chop Shop on the list. The first is because the food is not only healthy, but delicious. The second is that my wife is obsessed with it, and you know the saying, happy wife, happy life! Pro-tip: Due to Chop Shop’s awesomeness it gets very busy. So call your to go order before you arrive, upon arrival you can pick it up and go back home or snag a table if you see one open. Must try is the Acai Bowl.
Cowboy Ciao
The Stetson Chopped will change your life. If it doesn’t, well you need to get busy livin’! It pairs well with everything on the menu, but I recommend the Espresso-Rubbed Elk Loin. Also, make sure you order a glass or bottle of wine. A quick note, their wine list has been compared to the Bible, both due to its size and because wine is a religion to them. But don’t be afraid, the staff is very helpful in answering any questions you may have. Drink up!
DeFalco’s Italian Deli & Grocery
DeFalco’s is not so much a restaurant as it is an experience. When you walk into the entrance, it is as you have been transported straight to Italy. You could spend an hour perusing the grocery aisles before you even order your food. Speaking of the food, Oh. My. Gawd. So much to say, so many options. Sandwiches, pizza, salads, pasta, calzones. You can’t place a wrong order. Seriously, it’s impossible.
Arcadia Farms
Last but certainly not least, is Arcadia Farms. Fresh, fresh, fresh is what you need to know about this excellent establishment. Highly recommend this spot for a brunch or a late lunch. Word of caution, prepare for a little bit of a wait on the weekends, but it is entirely worth it. Also, make sure you try the mother f’n Housemade Sangria!

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