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Topgolf Scottsdale Video Review

Topgolf Scottsdale at Riverwalk  – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For our video review this week, we switched it up, just a little bit, though. We visited Topgolf Scottsdale at Riverwalk. You are probably saying, wait, isn’t that just an awesome fun golf place? And you would be right, it is an awesome fun golf place. However, that means it is also an awesome popular place. Which then means that you may have to wait once you check in before your bay is ready. But don’t worry, Topgolf is not only an awesome fun golf place. They also have plenty of other fun things to do, eat and drink while you wait to hit some balls.
Like what you ask? Well, they have not one, but two awesome bars with plenty of places to sit and hang out. One on the main floor and one on the top floor. Both would be great spots to watch Sunday football in between rounds of golf. Bonus: They serve Budweiser and Bud Light 16 ounce aluminum bottles for $3 on Sundays and Mondays. Not too mention their killer cocktail menu and amazing Bloody Mary’s! They also have different games to play throughout the entire building beside the before mentioned awesome golf. They have Giant Jenga, Foosball, and Bags (or Cornhole to some of you) on the top floor. Or XBox Connect, a pool table and shuffleboard downstairs.
We haven’t even touched on what could be the sleeper best thing about this fine establishment – the food. Topgolf knocks it out of the park (pun intended) with their food menu. Seriously. They are killing it with unique menu items like the Mushi, which is Topgolf’s ultimate creation. Cilantro sticky rice, drunken beans, spiced chicken and Cheddar cheese neatly rolled in a jalapeño tortilla. Garnished with sour cream, avocado and sriracha hot sauce. It is amazing, and a must try. Also, another favorite of ours on the sweeter side was the Injectable Donut Holes. You get 24 cinnamon-sugar dusted donut holes. Then you choose two flavors: chocolate, raspberry jelly or Bavarian cream to inject into the donut holes. Heaven!
Some bonus items, you can get a Priority Pass to cut down your wait time. Check out Topgolf’s website for details. Also, I mentioned before that Topgolf is a great spot to watch Sunday football. That is because on top of the tv’s throughout this fine establishment playing Sunday’s games. You can also get any game you want on the tv’s in your bay while you are golfing. How perfect is that?
So, please check out our video review and then visit Topgolf Scottsdale at Riverwalk with your friends, family or they even have corporate rooms available if you are looking to get a little team building work thing going. I’m telling you; Topgolf has pretty much thought of everything. Lastly, make sure you try the Mushi, it is awesome, and it pairs nicely with a nice cold Budweiser! Cheers!
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