The Ultimate Meal (thus far)

The Ultimate Meal (thus far)

The Ultimate Meal (thus far)

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Whenever a video review drops, a new “must-visit spot” gets added to the list for viewers. Scottsdale is home to some amazing chefs and dishes, and many of them have been featured on There’s always something in the review to make your eyes bulge and your mouth drool. Sometimes when going through a binge-watching of video reviews (yes, I have friends, why do you ask?), you find yourself mixing and matching dishes, conjuring up the ideal meal. Imagine your most-wanted appetizer, main course, dessert and so on – each from different restaurants – all in one sitting.

With that in mind, here is your ultimate five-course meal from the archives. The five courses for this wonderful, make-believe evening will be an appetizer, salad, pasta, entree, and dessert.


Bootleggers Modern American Smokehouse

Bacon Board

This is a five-course meal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start it off with a generous portion of bacon. Bootleggers’ Bacon Board contains five types of rotating bacon. Along with your pork prizes, you get accompaniments of sweet onion and red pepper jams, whole grain mustard, and gherkins (pickles). Nobody will judge you if, in your personal five-course meal, you just have this… five times.


The Gladly/Citizen Public House

The Original Chopped Salad

The Original Chopped Salad has its own Facebook page with over 3,000 likes. The salad was named’s Featured Menu Item for November. It is beloved at TWO different Valley restaurants. It is, perhaps, the most interesting salad in the world. This salad is so good they give you the recipe on the Facebook page because they know you can make it as good as you want and you will still crave theirs.

“I’ve had about 947 of these. In my humble opinion, one of the best salads I’ve ever had.”Generic Guy Chris “I’m jacked (He means happy, we think?) but I can still get down with a salad.”Gruler


Pane e Vino

Homemade Butternut Squash Ravioli

This dish has a fleeting moment of screen time during the Pane e Vino video review, but it is enough to make you swoon. It is the food version of when you see the most beautiful person you’ve possibly ever seen for a fleeting moment, unable to find them on IMDB or Facebook search. You must find out about this person. DISH, I mean dish. You must find out about this dish. Stalker. (Editors note: The Butternut Squash Ravioli is very real and currently on the regular menu.)



Cast Iron-Seared Filet Mignon

The choice for entree was the toughest decision. There were many worthy competitors, especially the Duck Burger from Citizen Public House. Let’s pretend you have a date on this magical dining adventure. Your date can order that and, the kind-hearted soul they are will surely share. For you? A filet mignon from a restaurant regularly named one of the top-100 in America cannot be surpassed on this wish list. Monarch is the ideal destination for a special evening or occasion and for the main course of your ultimate five-course meal, you will be rewarded with a thick, juicy, perfectly-cooked masterpiece. As a bonus treat, you even order the Hudson Valley Foie Gras add-on. Excellent choice.



Banana Butter Cake

You’ve made it. It is dessert time. Of course, you have room because this is a dream and there’s always room for dessert in your dream. What made this dessert stand above all the other insane desserts the boys have had the chance to sample? Go to the Metropolis video review right now, fast-forward to the 3:26 mark and pause. THAT look. When you eat something that makes you look like Chris looks at Troy in that frame, you have your MVP dish. Or true friendship. In this case, it’s both. When the guys then agree that it is possibly in their top-5 for all-time desserts? Ballgame. TKO. Game, set, match. ALL the sports cliches.

The quintessential feast. Five great restaurants, five glorious courses. Everybody’s tastes are different, though. Please let us know your ultimate meal in the comments below. Enjoy and get some nom!


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Written by Tony Pontecorvo

I love good wine and witty wordplay. I dig local biz and the people involved within. Jack of all trades, master of my domain. You'll find me online as @disguyyy.

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