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Union Barrelhouse Video Review

Union Barrelhouse – Scottsdale Restaurants Video Review

Edit, unfortunately the Union Barrelhouse closed but feel free to check out our other video reviews here.
Beer. Do I have your attention? For this video review, we went back to Old Town Scottsdale to the Union Barrelhouse. For those familiar with Old Town, it is located in the old Salty Senorita Old Town location. Just south of 2nd Street on Scottsdale Road.
Union Barrelhouse is Scottsdale’s first nano-brewery. A “nano-brewery” is defined as “a scaled-down microbrewery, which produces beer in small batches”. Union Barrelhouse brews a couple of their own beers locally in a proprietary partnership with Phoenix Ale. They also have 30 plus beers on tap as well as multiple other options for you to try.
When you pair all of those hard-to-find beers and hand-crafted ales with their modern spin on popular American classics, you have a match made in beer heaven. Somewhere Homer Simpson is smiling. Mmm beer.
As you may have guessed by now, in this video review we had some beer. We did something different and tried out the indoor bar as well as the patio. Miguel attempted to be the first to try something, and it didn’t quite go as planned. We had the Chophouse Gravy Fries, and Chris fell in love with a pretzel.
Please enjoy the video and then go get yourself a beer flight along with some Chophouse Gravy Fries and give Union Barrelhouse a try!

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  1. Ive heard good things about UB – that pretzel and some of those beers definitely will get me there soon, though!

  2. The pretzel breadsticks with cheese look amazing!! I’d go just for those.

  3. What was that thing we used to eat back in the day…poutine. And local beer, yes please.

  4. Great review looking forward to checking it out!

    1. I’d like to check it out defiantly for the beer!

  5. […] What you need to know: Union Barrelhouse not only has like a gazillion beers on tap, they also have a phenomenal patio. A great place to go for happy hour, dinner or just an afternoon with friends. Food recommendation is the Sargeant Pepper.  Check out our Video Review. […]