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Unique Restaurants in Scottsdale


Unique Restaurants in Scottsdale

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People of Scottsdale, lend me your ears. I have a probably very familiar scenario for you. The significant other and yourself are trying to decide where to eat. You are scrolling, and scrolling through Scottsdale restaurants options. You are get sidetracked, and end up on Facebook or Instagram. Then your stomach grumbles and you head back to scrolling through restaurant options. You see some solid choices, but none of them sound quite good enough. You are in the mood for something a little different, a little unique. Not to worry, like usual, we got your back. Here is our list of some unique restaurants in Scottsdale:

Pho King Kitchen

What Makes it Unique? You mean besides the name? Well, have you had Pho in a burrito? Have you had Pho with slow cooked protein? Have I mentioned the Pho King name? This food truck inspired restaurant is a must visit in Scottsdale for unique Pho. If you don’t go, you will Pho King regret it.


What Makes it Unique? Where else can you get Ribeye Guacamole? Miso Soup? A Billionaire Roll? Carnitas Tacos? Kimchee Fried Rice? Or Pork “Al Pastor” Pad Thai all at the same place? SumoMaya that is where, also, it has a killer atmosphere. Add SumoMaya to the list.

ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho

What Makes it Unique? You can take a trip back in time. ZuZu’s location is inside of the historic Hotel Valley Ho. So you can make it an overnight adventure if you fancy. Regardless, you will want to visit ZuZu to enjoy some Beef Short Rib or maybe the Seared Scottish Salmon. Of course, you will want to dive into the ZuZu cocktail menu. So you may want to get that hotel room.

JJ’s Delicatessen

What Makes it Unique? This mom & pop deli is everything. Every. Thing. Yes, JJ’s is not open for dinner (they close daily at 3 pm). However, you will want to visit them for your next breakfast, brunch, lunch or modestly early dinner. The menu is in a word, expansive. In the best ways. Seriously, so many great options you might want to study it before you venture to JJ’s.

CRUjiente Tacos

What Makes it Unique? This new taco spot is getting a lot of pub in the Valley, and it is all warranted. First off, we should tell you that this is not your usual taco restaurant. CRU Tacos as the kids call it has tacos from all over the world. Tacos such as Duck, Blue Crab, Pork Belly, Korean Fried Chicken to name a few. Visit CRUjiente Tacos and come hungry.

Sonata’s Restaurant

What Makes it Unique? We love this spot. I am not sure if you have ever had Lithuanian food or not. If the answer is not. Well, you need to change that on the quick. We recommend that you let your server take you on a tour of the menu. Just do a complete trust fall. Also, make sure to get an entirely unique to Sonata’s beer. It even comes in one of the coolest mugs ever.

The Womack

What Makes it Unique? Cocktails, share plates, live music and one of the best vibes around. Mic drop. We know it is not in Scottsdale, but our quest for unique spots knows no bounds. Besides, once you walk into The Womack you will forgive us and be happy. We guarantee it.

Sip Coffee & Beer House

What Makes it Unique? This “house” has been a favorite of ours for quite sometime and has even doubled as our office from time to time. A great spot to pop in to get coffee, stay for a beer or cocktail. Or as we have done, get some work done. Bonus, they support local to the max. From menu items, to live music. This unique spot is a must visit. Lastly, wish them a congrats as they just celebrated their 3 year anniversary!

The Duce

What Makes it Unique? When you walk into The Duce you will immediately be met with confusion. Are you in a gym? A store, a warehouse, a restaurant, an underground jazz club? Well, sort of all of the above. But don’t fret, you are in the right place and primed for a good time and some great food. Trailer made sliders, breakfast is served all day. Lastly, we recommend the Duce Lemonade or the Hillbilly Tea!

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