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Where Have We Been Scottsdale?

Where Have We Been Scottsdale?

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I know what you are saying. Where are the video reviews? Where have we been? The short answer is that it’s all my fault. I went on vacation to Europe for two weeks or three weeks if you ask Chris. The trip was great, thanks for asking. But I am back now, and we are ready to hit the Scottsdale ground running. See what I did there? But seriously, we have some MAJOR stuff planned. Yes, we will be hitting you with more awesome Scottsdale restaurant video reviews, more Scottsdale restaurant gift cards. But we have some more things in the works that we know you are going to love. So make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be in the know on all things ScottsdaleRestaurants.com. But more importantly make sure you sign up for our VIP list for special announcements and, of course, your chance to win gift cards, all the gift cards. Until then, enjoy our video update and try to stay cool in this heat!

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  1. SO glad your back. Your very blessed to have been able to go to Europe. I’m not on vacation this year of any kind so I’ll just be here watching your fabulous reviews. I’m so excited.