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Where Should We Eat in Scottsdale?

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Where Should We Eat in Scottsdale?

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Scottsdale has been called a melting pot. People move here from not only all over the country, but all over the world (no scientific data to back this up, but pretty sure it’s true). What can I say? People love the weather in Scottsdale. Well, except for about three or four months out of the year. It’s a dry heat! They also love the Scottsdale golf courses. The Scottsdale nightlife. The accessibility and closeness to so many activities. Seriously, so much room for activities. Where else can you live where one weekend in March you can drive to Flagstaff to snowboard and then the next weekend you can drive to Rocky Point to hang out on the beach? Both, in three hours-ish or less? And San Diego or Vegas? Both in five hours or less as well. Seriously, we are #blessed to live in Scottsdale.
All of that awesomeness and I haven’t even mentioned the best part about living in Scottsdale – the restaurants. Holy guacamole! The restaurants! Mamma Mia, they are awesome! The culinary capital of the world (at least to us)! Of course, since you found your way here and are reading an article on ScottsdaleRestaurants.com you may already know that Scottsdale restaurants are awesome as well. Or if you are reading/viewing us for the first time, welcome and thanks for coming!
Since we are lucky enough to live in Scottsdale, it means that people want to visit us. A lot. Which is awesome, I love sharing my city with my friends and family. Hell, I love sharing my city with your friends and family. What up to your Aunt Sharon! But what is the first question that people from out of town ask you when they visit Scottsdale? “Where should we eat in Scottsdale?” Well, that is after you take them to hike Camelback Mtn, and they get their “mountain” top selfie, #nofilterneeded.
I love this question because we seriously have so so so many amazing Scottsdale restaurants. I joke about being the culinary capital of the world. But seriously, we truly are lucky. How many other cities have what Scottsdale has to offer? Yes, I admit. We are biased. However, I would put Scottdale up against any other city in the country, and I think we not only would compete, but we may dominate them some of them. Yes, that is shots fired. Sorry Austin, sorry NYC, sorry Chicago, sorry KC to name a few. Yeah, you have your specialties. But do you have Bootleggers or Sip? Do you have Pane e Vino? Do you have Blanco or Loco Patron? Do you have Dakota or Whiskey Row? Do you have Sorso or EVO? Do you have REHAB? Those Scottsdale restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t even name all the amazing Scottsdale restaurants that we have had the pleasure of reviewing since we launched six months ago. There are still so many that we want to share with you, your friends, family and especially Aunt Sharon!
So stay tuned as we continue to bring you the absolute BEST in Scottsdale. Then the next time you are asked – “Where should we eat in Scottsdale?” from an out of town guest. Make your way or direct them to ScottsdaleRestaurants.com and start giving them the tour of the culinary capital of the world (not scientifically proven).
Where would you like to see us eat and do a video review next? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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