Great Spots for Wings in Scottsdale

Great Spots for Wings in Scottsdale

Great Spots for Wings in Scottsdale

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There are endless buffalo wing flavors, temperature levels, and sauces to choose from. Some people like ranch, others like bleu cheese. There’s also the never-ending celery vs. carrots debate. However you like your wings, you want them to be awesome. You want them tender on the inside, but not chewy. You want them to be big enough that it takes more than one bite per wing. We have tried wings from so many places, that our stomachs staged a revolution to make a banana republic proud. Fortunately, before that happened, we found five places in particular that really put effort into making some excellent wings. I guess you could say, they don’t just… wing it.

Boondocks Patio & Grill

Boondocks is known for being the downtown Scottsdale Chiver (and Chivette) spot. It has a killer patio and offers a neighborhood-style vibe that is a nice break from the rest of Old Town. What it isn’t known for… until now, are some great wings. What sets Boondocks’ wings apart are the sauces. They aren’t shy with them, slathering the sauce on, so they’re dripping with goodness. If you need any more reason to check out Boondocks, on Wednesdays, you can get the wings or ribs for 25% off. Select whiskeys are only $5 that day, too.

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The Beverly

The Beverly is swanky, “classy af” (their words – not mine) and a tad upscale. Not a place you’d expect to find yourself licking your fingers in the middle of the day. Yet, there I was, like a homeless Don Draper. The Main Street Wings are that good. They’ve updated the menu since we visited them for a Video Review. Not to worry, because the food is still on par with the crafted cocktails they’re known for.

K O’Donnell’s

We’ve been telling you about “KO’s” for awhile now. They’re definitely not a “well-kept secret,” or a cult favorite. They’re almost always busy and for a good reason. If you haven’t been yet, go and get the wings. The last time I was there, it was in a group of seven for trivia. Everyone got wings. They were so good that four of the seven people ordered seconds. And these are not small wings. These are meaty, juicy, perfectly done wings. A little crisp on the outside from grilling them and the perfect amount of sauce.

Liberty Station Tavern

If you have a 500-lb custom-made smoker at your restaurant, you better be smoking those wings. Fortunately, Liberty Station agrees. The result is flavorful and smoky wings that are as tender as can be. Assistant bar manager Kyla Dahl recommended we pair the wings with the Four Peaks Raj IPA. It was a great call. The hoppiness from the beer matched the spice from the wings perfectly. The Carolina wing sauce that comes on the side gives a little extra kick to the experience.

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The Vig

The Vig is another place that takes the time to grill their “vings.” They also bake them and fry them before finishing them on the grill. It’s one of the items that put them on the map, and now they have five locations on that map. Whichever Vig you go to, start your meal with the wings, or “vings.” Whether you get traditional, bbq or the sweet Thai chili, you can’t go wrong.

Where are your favorite spots to get wings? Let us know in the comments below.

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