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WTH is the VIP NOM Card?!

vip nom card

WTH is the VIP NOM Card?!!

Since we launched the VIP NOM Card, we have received a lot of feedback, some good, some bad and some confusion as to just what it was and why someone should spend their hard earned money to have this sweet gold metal card. All feedback was/is appreciated and, we try to listen to all of it and adapt accordingly. Over the course of the three years since we launched ScottsdaleRestaurants.com, our goal has always been to give the people what they want. We continuously look at ways to bridge the gap between the restaurants and the local community in a positive way. We work daily to provide the restaurants with a platform to showcase their best selves as well as be an excellent resource for all of you.
From video reviews to gift card giveaways, to events, to our weekly segments on TV and so much more. We always look to bring value to everything that we do, and we are always looking for new innovative ways to do so. This is where the VIP NOM Card idea was born. With all of the apps and what not out there, we wanted to bring back something physical that you could hold in your hand. To be clear, this is not a discount card; this is your membership into a very exclusive club. There isn’t anything else out there like this.

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The VIP NOM Card gives you access to a collection of Exclusive Partner Restaurants where you will get 15% off of your bill EVERYTIME you visit. With no exclusions, eat lunch at the same partner restaurant every day? 15% off every single day all of 2018. Plus each partner restaurant may even throw in a little something extra for you. Just be sure to mention your card either when you make the reservation and present it when you arrive. Want to try new unique restaurants? Check out that list, and you’ll find the best burger spot in the Valley. A Top 100 in the America restaurant and so many more. We also plan to add a few more concepts over the next month or so. That is value.
Some people get hung up on the price point, we agree with you. It looks scary. But if you break down the numbers it doesn’t seem as frightening. Shall we break it down real quick? I think we should. Ok, say you spread it out over the year it comes out to around $15 a month. Not bad. You spend more than that on coffee in a week; I know I do. Another way to break it down is let’s say you spend $100 a week on brunches, lunches, and dinners; the card would save you $15 a week or $60 a month. At that rate, the card would be paid off in 13 weeks. Then the rest of the year you are just saving money like a true VIP, and you have a sweet gold metal card that all of you friends will be jealous of. It’s science.
We hope that explains just WTH the VIP NOM Card is and why you should get yourself one before they are gone. As we said, we only made 1000 of them, and once they are gone, they are gone for the entire 2018 year. We look forward to welcoming you to the VIP NOM Card family!

Click here to purchase your VIP NOM Card today!

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