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FnB Restaurant Review: A Culinary Wonderland in Scottsdale

Matty Thomas January 5, 2024 Restaurant Reviews

Pricing: $$

Ambiance: Casual Establishment, Nice

Food: American (New), Fish, Pasta

Drinks: Craft Cocktails, Wine

Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, FnB is a culinary gem that elevates the farm-to-table dining experience to unparalleled heights. With a perfect blend of creativity, upscale ambiance, and delectable dishes, this restaurant offers a memorable journey for the discerning food enthusiast. Join us as we delve into the gastronomic wonders that FnB has to offer.

FnB’s innovative approach to dining and impeccable service left us awe-inspired, warranting even more praise. This restaurant seamlessly combines a cozy ambiance with exceptional food, making it a must-visit destination in Scottsdale.


The ambiance at FnB strikes a perfect balance between coziness and charm. The atmosphere is upscale yet welcoming, making it an ideal setting for a special evening. The humble plating adds to the restaurant’s unique character, creating an atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and comfortable.


FnB takes diners on a delightful culinary journey with an array of shareable plates. Each dish boasts a level of creativity and genius that is truly unmatched. Some menu highlights include:

  • Stuffed Squash
  • Salmon Rillettes
  • White Beans and Ricotta
  • Seabass
  • Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream
  • Hibiscus Big Marble Non-Alcoholic Drink

The pork tenderloin, a standout on the menu, deserves special mention for its exquisite taste, served with a delightful peach accompaniment. The chef’s dedication to culinary innovation is evident in every bite, leaving patrons with a sense of culinary wonder.


FnB’s beverage menu complements the food perfectly. From creative cocktails to refreshing non-alcoholic options like the “Hibiscus Big Marble,” the drink selection enhances the overall dining experience. Prices for drinks are reasonable, ranging from $8 to $14, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

External Reviews

To provide a comprehensive view, let’s turn to external reviews. On Yelp, FnB boasts an impressive 4.2-star rating, echoing our sentiments about the restaurant’s excellence. Google and TripAdvisor reviews mirror this positive sentiment, solidifying FnB’s reputation as one of Scottsdale’s essential dining establishments.

FnB has undoubtedly earned its status as a culinary destination in Scottsdale. The combination of outstanding food, a charming ambiance, and impeccable service make it a standout choice for a memorable dining experience.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make it a point to savor the culinary delights at FnB – you won’t be disappointed.

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Matty Thomas January 5, 2024 Restaurant Reviews