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The Preserve Tavern and Grille Review: A Culinary Journey

Matty Thomas December 30, 2023 Restaurant Reviews

Pricing: $$$

Ambiance: Causal

Food: American, Beef, Wings

Drinks: Craft Cocktails, Beer

Nestled in the heart of our bustling city, The Preserve Tavern and Grille has been creating waves in the culinary scene with its unique blend of flavors and vibrant ambiance. I recently had the pleasure of dining at this charming establishment and am excited to share my experience with you.

With an overall rating of 3.9, this restaurant has captured the hearts of many. Join me as I delve into the delightful offerings, ambiance, and everything that makes The Preserve Tavern and Grille a standout dining destination.


The moment I stepped into The Preserve Tavern and Grille, I was greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rustic decor, combined with contemporary touches, creates a cozy yet trendy setting. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or a lively spot to catch a game, this restaurant accommodates it all. The pricing here is reasonable, making it an excellent choice for both regular dining and special occasions.


The food here is nothing short of spectacular. I had the pleasure of trying their wings with their special sauce and house-made ranch with fresh dill, and they were an explosion of flavors in my mouth. The Philly Cheesesteak was equally impressive, with the perfect balance of tender beef and savory cheese. Each dish is crafted with love, evident in every bite.


The drinks at The Preserve are a delightful complement to the food. The pricing for beverages is reasonable, and you can find a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. Their drink menu offers something for everyone, from refreshing classics to innovative concoctions that will tantalize your taste buds.

Sample Menu Items:

  • Pulled Pork Taco with Special BBQ Sauce
  • Steak Taco
  • Poblano Rings
  • Loaded Fries
  • Ribs – A must-try!

External Reviews

It’s not just my taste buds that were impressed; The Preserve Tavern and Grille has garnered praise from various review platforms:

  • Yelp: “The best menu item is the ribs! You cannot go here and not try the ribs, the sauce is AMAZING!!!”
  • Google: “This sweet place is my new go-to for happy hour or for watching sports… It’s amazing, the people are so much fun. The staff is absolutely fabulous.”
  • TripAdvisor: “Ordered The Chicken Caesar Wrap & Greek Salad. Place is clean and open. Lunch tasted fine. Impressed with the service. Lots of menu choices. Will be back.”


In conclusion, The Preserve Tavern and Grille offers an exceptional dining experience that combines mouthwatering cuisine, a welcoming ambiance, and a variety of drinks to suit every palate. With its reasonable pricing, it’s no wonder that this restaurant has become a local favorite.

Whether you’re in the mood for tacos bursting with flavor or succulent ribs that are simply irresistible, The Preserve Tavern and Grille has something special in store for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the culinary delights of this remarkable establishment. Cheers to good food and great times!

Address: 15745 N Hayden Rd Ste 115 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 590-4942



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Matty Thomas December 30, 2023 Restaurant Reviews