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Hush Public House Review: Unveiling Culinary Excellence

Matty Thomas December 18, 2023 Restaurant Reviews

Pricing: $$$

Ambiance: Fine Dining Establishment

Food: Italian Food, New American, Steak, Mousse

Drinks: Craft Cocktails, Wine

Tucked away in a nondescript strip mall in north Scottsdale lies a culinary treasure waiting to be uncovered – Hush Public House.

With an impressive overall rating of 4.5, this upscale yet inviting dining experience is a testament to Chef and Restaurateur Dom Ruggiero’s commitment to fresh and local ingredients, reimagining classic dishes, and crafting original specialties.

Ambiance (4/5)

From the outside, Hush Public House might appear unassuming, but once you step inside, you’ll find yourself in a haven for food enthusiasts. The interior exudes an inviting charm, with an open kitchen adjacent to the bar, allowing you to witness the culinary magic firsthand. It’s a cozy space that’s perfect for an intimate dinner or a celebratory gathering.

Food (4.8/5)

The food at Hush Public House is nothing short of heavenly. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and masterfully prepared, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. We began our culinary journey with a bottle of wine and the cauliflower appetizer, which was a combination of amazing flavors. It set the tone for an unforgettable meal.

Drinks (4.5/5)

Hush Public House doesn’t just excel in food; their beverage selection is equally impressive. We had a large pour vodka martini and their old fashioned, complete with an H stamped ice cube, made with Yellowstone whiskey. The cocktails were artfully delicious and perfectly complemented our meal.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the culinary delights from their menu:

  • Taste of Scottsdale (Three-Course) – A delightful culinary journey featuring dishes like pate, duck fried rice, and a delectable cake dessert.
  • Steak Frites – A carnivore’s dream, featuring a perfectly cooked steak paired with crispy, seasoned fries.
  • Chicken Liver Mousse – An exquisite starter with a rich, velvety texture.
  • Cauliflower – The cauliflower appetizer, a burst of amazing flavors.
  • Date Cake – A slice of pure indulgence, rich and delectable.

Now, let’s see what others are saying about Hush Public House on various review platforms:

Yelp Rating: “This place is a hidden gem! The food is a culinary masterpiece, and the cocktails are a work of art.”

Google Rating: “The duck fried rice and steak frites were a revelation. The chefs are like culinary magicians.”

TripAdvisor Rating: “The food was amazing, and the Date Cake is a must-try. I can’t wait to return.”

In conclusion, Hush Public House is a culinary gem that deserves every bit of its impressive 4.5-star rating. From the inviting ambiance to the heavenly food and delightful drinks, it’s a place that promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you’re savoring the pate or indulging in the date cake, every bite is a testament to the artistry of Chef Dom Ruggiero and his team.

So, if you’re looking for a dining adventure that’s both upscale and inviting, make a reservation at Hush Public House and prepare to be enchanted by a symphony of flavors.

Address: 14202 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 167 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone: (480) 758-5172



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Matty Thomas December 18, 2023 Restaurant Reviews