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Mochilero Review: Exploring Latin Flavors

Matty Thomas January 2, 2024 Restaurant Reviews

Pricing: $$

Ambiance: Casual, Nice

Food: Mexican Food, Tacos, Guacamole

Drinks: Margaritas, Cocktails

If you’re on the hunt for a dining experience that combines fresh, flavorful cuisine with a lively ambiance, look no further than Mochilero. Tucked away in the heart of Scottsdale, this restaurant offers a delightful blend of Latin American flavors and a casual atmosphere that’s perfect for a fun night out.

Ambiance (4/5)

As soon as you step inside Mochilero, you’re greeted with a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. The live Latin music sets the stage for an enjoyable evening, and the restaurant’s casual yet cozy décor makes it a welcoming spot for friends and families alike. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, you can choose the perfect setting for your meal.

Food (4/5)

Mochilero’s menu is a culinary journey through Latin America, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss. We started our meal with the Brussels sprouts and plantain chips with guac, and both appetizers were a hit. The Brussels sprouts, in particular, were a standout, offering a perfect blend of crispy and savory goodness.

For the main course, we couldn’t resist trying their tacos. I opted for the veggie taco, which was bursting with flavor and served with delightful blue corn tortillas. The cochinita pibil was another highlight, with tender, flavorful meat complemented by a delicious broth for dipping.

The real star of the show, though, was the variety of tacos on the menu. From shrimp to rib eye, every option was a flavor explosion. Don’t forget to sample their three incredible salsas, and the queso with chorizo is an absolute must-try.

Drinks (4/5)

To accompany our meal, we indulged in Mochilero’s drink offerings. Their house and grapefruit margaritas were both refreshing and perfectly balanced, making them ideal companions to our Latin feast.

Pricing (3/5)

While the food and drinks at Mochilero are top-notch, it’s worth noting that the pricing falls on the higher side. However, the quality of the ingredients and the vibrant flavors make it a worthwhile splurge for a special occasion.

External Reviews

To provide a well-rounded perspective, we checked out what others had to say about Mochilero on popular review platforms like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor. The consensus among diners echoes our sentiment: Mochilero is a hidden gem worth discovering. Many praise the lively ambiance, exceptional tacos, and the delightful variety of salsas.

In conclusion, Mochilero is a culinary treasure in Scottsdale. Its fresh and flavorful Latin American cuisine, lively ambiance, and refreshing drinks make it an ideal spot for a memorable night out.

While the pricing may be a bit steep, the quality of the food and the overall experience make it a destination worth exploring. So, gather your friends, enjoy the Latin beats, and savor the delicious tacos at Mochilero – a true hidden gem in the heart of the city.

Address: 14696 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 590-0514



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Matty Thomas January 2, 2024 Restaurant Reviews