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OEB Breakfast Review: Breakfast Bliss

Matty Thomas December 16, 2023 Restaurant Reviews

Pricing: $$

Ambiance: Casual Establishment, Nice

Food: Breakfast, Brunch, Eggs, Potatoes

Drinks: Craft Cocktails, Juices

Rising with the sun, or perhaps a tad bit later, we embark on a quest to discover the culinary delight that is OEB Breakfast. Situated in the heart of the city, this chef-driven breakfast haven has become a morning ritual for locals and visitors alike. Offering a tantalizing blend of classics and unique creations, OEB Breakfast isn’t just about eggs and bacon; it’s about elevating the art of breakfast to new heights.

At OEB Breakfast, the passion for breakfast cuisine is palpable. The restaurant thrives on its farm-to-table philosophy, with each dish crafted to perfection. In our quest to unearth the essence of this restaurant, we couldn’t resist diving into a delectable menu. Here’s our take on the ambiance, food, and drinks, along with a peek into the prices.


The restaurant exudes a welcoming, rustic charm with a touch of contemporary elegance. Natural light floods through large windows, creating an inviting atmosphere. The friendly staff adds to the cozy vibe, making your breakfast outing feel like a warm hug.


OEB Breakfast’s menu is an ode to innovation. We started our morning adventure with the butternut squash-truffle Benedict and chiliquites, both priced around $14. These dishes were a symphony of flavors, blending the familiar with the extraordinary. The butternut squash-truffle Benedict left a lasting impression with its rich, creamy hollandaise sauce and perfectly poached eggs.


To complement our meal, we sampled the delightful mimosa flight, priced at $14. Each mimosa was a burst of fruity freshness, a perfect way to lift your spirits in the morning.

Now, let’s dive into a few items we couldn’t resist ordering.

Menu Highlights:

  1. Chasing Chickens Poutine: The poached eggs were a work of art, oozing velvety yolk when sliced. The smoked chicken added a layer of smokiness without drying out the dish, while the crispy potatoes and rich hollandaise sauce tied everything together harmoniously.
  2. Lobster and Shrimp Crepe: The truffle-infused flavors in this dish were a match made in culinary heaven. The lobster scramble, priced at $20, brought a burst of sea-inspired flavors. The potatoes were an absolute delight, offering a crispy and flavorful contrast to the tender seafood.
  3. Blueberry Chicken Sausages: These sausages were an unexpected treat. Although we expected sweetness from the blueberries, the sausages were more on the savory side, which was a pleasant surprise.
  4. Potatoes: A wonderful option, flavorful and well-seasoned.

External Reviews: To give you a broader perspective, we looked at what others had to say about OEB Breakfast. On Yelp, the restaurant boasts an impressive 4.5-star rating, with customers praising the inventive menu, friendly service, and the perfect blend of classic and contemporary dishes. Google Reviews and TripAdvisor echo this sentiment, making it evident that OEB Breakfast is a crowd-pleaser.

In conclusion, OEB Breakfast is a gastronomic adventure that elevates breakfast to an art form. With a delightful array of dishes that range from the classic to the extraordinary, it’s no wonder that this place holds a solid 4.2 rating. Whether you’re a breakfast connoisseur or just looking for a memorable morning meal, OEB Breakfast is a must-visit. So, don your breakfast attire and head over to this culinary haven to experience the magic yourself. Your taste buds will thank you!

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Matty Thomas December 16, 2023 Restaurant Reviews