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Scottsdale Bottomless Brunch

scottsdale bottomless brunch

Scottsdale Bottomless Brunch Options

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There comes a time in everyone’s weekend when we are faced with a near-impossible decision. “Where are we going for brunch?” It seems like just yesterday we told you about the best boozy brunches in Scottsdale. Enough time has passed that we are ready to drop some new places to start your Sunday Funday. One twist this time – all of these spots have bottomless mimosas. Now, we aren’t advising you test that phrase in a literal sense. We are just helping you get the best bang for your buck. It’s kinda what we do. I have one more twist for you. All four of these awesome spots serve brunch on Sunday AND Saturday. Two days of bottomless boozin’.

Sonata’s Restaurant

Oh, you thought this was just going to be about the booze? This is ScottsdaleRestaurants.com. To get on here, you still have to bring the culinary goods in addition to banging bottomless bubbles. Pair your mimosas with croque madame or some savory crepes. Maybe it’ll trick people into thinking you’re not a bottle and a half in. Brunch at Sonata’s is available from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Check out our video review to see Sonata’s other offerings:

Visit Sonata’s Restaurant‘s directory listing for more info.

Grape Bistro

Grape Bistro hooks North Scottsdale up with bottomless mimosas from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The breakfast portion of the brunch menu is a bit limited, but Grape is going with quality over quantity here. Dishes like Chicken & Waffles, Chilaquiles, and Coconut Pancakes are sure to please most diners. And hey, there’s always eggs and bacon with toast.
Check out our video review to see Grape Bistro’s other offerings:

Visit Grape Bistro‘s directory listing for more info.

The Market by Jennifer’s Restaurant & Bar

Alright. Pace yourself, now. The Market by Jennifer’s brunch runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. That’s a long time to be going bottomless. That’s also a phrase that could be taken the wrong way. Please don’t go bottomless for any amount of time when you’re at The Market by Jennifer’s. It’s not a good look. Pace yourself properly, and your reward is the chance to order breakfast when you arrive and lunch before you leave. Now that is power brunching.
Check out our video review to see The Market by Jennifer’s other offerings:

Visit The Market by Jennifer’s directory listing for more info.

El Panzon y Frida

You’ve been seeing El Panzon Y Frida quite a bit lately on these pages. It’s for a good reason.  Like Chris said about their Fried Cornish Hen, “That is freaking phenomenal.” It applies to a lot of things at this Old Town spot. Like their brunch, for instance. Bottomless mimosas and you get fresh blood orange juice or seasonal flavor options. Amaretto French Toast, House Cured Salmon Lox on a whole wheat bagel, and other great food options. If you frequent downtown Scottsdale for brunch and don’t include El Panzon Y Frida in your rotation, You. Are. Missing. Out.
Check out our video review to see El Panzon y Frida’s other offerings:

Visit El Panzon y Frida‘s directory listing for more info.

We hit Old Town Scottsdale. Covered North Scottsdale. Found a spot in Central Scottsdale. We even made our way to Arcadia to find you some tremendous bottomless mimosa spots. Remember, you can visit all four restaurants listed Saturday or Sunday to enjoy a Scottsdale bottomless brunch. Make your plans now and enjoy your weekend.
Where is your favorite spot to go for a Phoenix or Scottsdale bottomless brunch? Let us know in the comments.
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