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Essential Breakfast Restaurants in Mesa, AZ

Matty Thomas January 1, 2024 Dining, Scottsdale

Mesa, Arizona, is a city bursting with culinary delights, and when it comes to breakfast, the options are just as diverse as the city itself. Whether you’re a local looking for your new favorite morning spot or a visitor eager to explore Mesa’s breakfast scene, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a roundup of the best breakfast restaurants in Mesa, each offering a unique dining experience.

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Location: El Mercado

Nestled in the heart of Mesa, Wildberries stands out as a family-owned gem offering a delightful breakfast experience. The Southern breakfast and the veggie omelet are standout choices, each impressing with generous portions and vibrant flavors. The sausage in the Southern breakfast is a savory delight, boasting a robust fennel seed taste. Meanwhile, the veggie omelet is a veggie lover’s dream, packed with a variety of fresh vegetables.

What sets Wildberries apart is not just the delicious food but also the warm, unpretentious atmosphere. Unlike some trendy spots, Wildberries provides ample seating, making it a perfect choice for a laid-back and satisfying breakfast. If you appreciate good eats without the fuss, Wildberries is a must-visit.

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Location: 6990 E Shea Blvd

For a breakfast experience that goes beyond the ordinary, Eggstasy is the go-to spot in the Mesa and Scottsdale area. This unassuming yet charming restaurant impresses not only with its extensive menu but also with the deliciousness packed into every dish. The menu may be vast, but the food is nothing short of delicious, earning it a solid six stars from satisfied patrons.

The standout items include link sausage, waffles, crepes with berries, and perfectly brewed coffee that rivals even the best. The staff at Eggstasy goes above and beyond to ensure a fantastic dining experience. Despite the slightly uncomfortable chairs, the delightful food and exceptional service make Eggstasy a spot worth revisiting.

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Thanks a Brunch

Location: Ethan Plaza

Thanks a Brunch stands out for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and homemade morning meal experience. As a true mom and pop establishment, they treat guests like family, creating a cozy dining space where attention to detail is paramount. The menu is diverse, catering to French toast fanatics, burrito enthusiasts, Benedict lovers, and anyone craving a delicious brunch adventure.

Beyond the welcoming ambiance, Thanks a Brunch impresses with flavors that leave a lasting impression. From flavorful burgers to heavenly hollandaise sauce, each dish is a testament to their dedication to culinary excellence. The aesthetic decorations and friendly service make Thanks a Brunch a foodie heaven that’s hard to resist.

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What’s Crackin Cafe

Location: Red Mountain Promenade

If you’re in the mood for a perfect balance of eats and sips, head over to What’s Crackin Cafe. This spot is your go-to for day drinking and scratch eating, offering a menu that satisfies all cravings, from traditional New Mexico breakfast to a wide range of mimosas.

The loveseat covered with pillows sets the tone for a comfortable and inviting dining experience. The menu is expansive, and the iced tea, fresh and light, is a perfect accompaniment to dishes like fluffy scrambled eggs, delectable sausage links, and mouthwatering French toast. What’s Crackin Cafe ensures a memorable breakfast with fresh ingredients, friendly service, and an inviting atmosphere.

In Mesa, these essential breakfast restaurants not only serve delicious morning meals but also offer unique atmospheres that make dining an experience to savor. From family-owned gems to charming mom and pop establishments, Mesa’s breakfast scene has something for everyone. So, embark on a culinary journey and explore these breakfast hotspots for a delightful start to your day.

Matty Thomas January 1, 2024 Dining, Scottsdale