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Best Healthy Restaurants in Scottsdale

Editor January 4, 2024 Dining, Scottsdale

As a society, I think we can, now, all collectively agree that eating healthy doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. Especially when you live in the culinary haven that is Scottsdale, Arizona. Throughout the Old Town and North Scottsdale areas you can find quick and easy food options that will help you with your overall wellness goals without forcing you to buy a tasteless salad or bowl of unsalted almonds.

However, if you’re in the mood for something more upscale, you may want to consider checking out our list of the best fine dining establishments in Scottsdale.  

Below, you will find our list of the best healthy restaurants in Scottsdale:

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Original ChopShop

7158 E 5th Ave

Chop Shop is my and my boyfriend’s go-to during the week when we’ve had a rough day and don’t want to cook but want something delicious and still in-line with our personal health goals. His favorite is the Thai coconut chicken bowl with brown rice with an acai bowl for dessert.

The acai bowl is creamy and the coconut on top gives it a nice crunch. I love the basic tuna salad with olive tapenade on multi-grain bread. No, it doesn’t come with chips, but it does come with a luscious pickle. I also do think they have some of the best cookies in Scottsdale, so don’t skip dessert. 

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True Food Kitchen

15191 N Scottsdale Rd. Suite #101

At True Food’s you get a little bit of everything. They have a large menu with seasonal ingredients that includes something to fit literally every diet requirement. So everyone in your party can find something that fits their lifestyle.

Their roasted butternut squash pizza with house-made vegan almond ricotta is amazing and something you can order again and again. As a carnivore, my go-to here is the turkey burger. Their Refreshers, which are alcohol-free, do live up to the name and are great for the Summer months.

Courtesy of @theherbox on Instagram

The Herb Box

7051 E 5th Ave

So, The Herb Box was actually the first restaurant I ever went to when I moved to Scottsdale. My previous employer took me here for my initial interview and I have taken my grandma, my girlfriends, and my partner here multiple times since and it never disappoints.

So I am going to make this the easiest order you have ever made for you and your bestie to share. You will both thank me. pear and gorgonzola flatbread to start, follow it up with the urban market steak salad, and then if you’re really hungry get a side order of sweet potato fries to come out with the salad.

Pair it all with a bottle of Whispering Angel rosè. They also have a pastry case at the front that you can peruse while you wait to be seated. This is easily one of my top picks for the best healthy restaurants in Scottsdale.

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Flower Child

10460 N 90th St

This Flower Child location has a hippie warehouse feel to it with a lot of small tables in a pretty expansive area. Order at the counter and then find a seat. Try the “Glow Bow” with sweet potato noodles, lots of fresh vegetables, and spicy jalapenos for a healthy vegan-friendly lunch.

If you’re wanting some extra protein add some tofu to the mix. I also like the “Thai Dye” wrap with tofu, avocado, and my personal favorite the daikon radish. It also has snap peas, carrots, basil, and cilantro.

Fully vegan and fully delicious. I haven’t had the chocolate chip and cashew cookie or the lemon olive oil cake, but I am intrigued. Because what is the point of eating healthy if you’re not going to reward yourself with a semi-healthy dessert?

Courtesy of @saladandgo on Instagram

Salad and Go

2323 N Scottsdale Rd

Salad and Go is the go-to option when you are operating on a budget and trying to stick to some wellness and/or fitness goals this upcoming Spring. It is cheap. It is fast. It is yummy. I love the buffalo chicken salad and Greek salad, which I normally add chicken to.

They give you a good amount of dressing, so I try to use just half and then drizzle it across my salad, secure the plastic lid back on, and then shake it like a tambourine.

I pair my salad with a zero-calorie mango green tea and will be on my way without crying over my receipt or my scale later that day. So that’s always a win.

So, there you have it, some of the best healthy restaurants in Scottsdale. Try them all and decide which is your favorite!

Editor January 4, 2024 Dining, Scottsdale