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Sel Restaurant Review: A Culinary Gem in the Heart of Main Street

Matty Thomas January 4, 2024 Scottsdale

Pricing: $$$

Ambiance: Fine Dining Establishment

Food: American (New), like Steak, Fish

Drinks: Craft Cocktails, Wine

Nestled among the art galleries of Main Street, Sel is a hidden culinary gem promising a memorable fine dining experience. Operated by the talented husband-and-wife duo, Chef Branden and May Levine, Sel has earned a reputation for its innovative haute cuisine, exceptional service, and charming ambiance.

Join us as we explore the nuances of this intimate family-run restaurant that has garnered an impressive overall rating of 4.4.


The restaurant’s intimate setting complements the art galleries surrounding it. The charm of Sel lies in its small size, providing an exclusive and personal touch to the dining experience. The well-trained staff adds to the ambiance, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Sel’s commitment to fresh ingredients and innovative culinary techniques shines through its diverse menu. The chef’s tasting menu is a culinary journey that surpasses expectations. The vegetarian tasting menu, a nod to inclusivity, showcased the chef’s creativity.

Noteworthy dishes included a delightful gazpacho with peach sorbet, prawn, crudo, and a venison/filet mignon combination. Each bite was a symphony of flavors, demonstrating the chef’s skill in crafting sophisticated and memorable dishes.

Menu Highlights:

  • Gazpacho with Peach Sorbet: A refreshing and innovative take on a classic dish – a genius combination of flavors.
  • Venison/Filet Mignon: A succulent blend of meats that left us craving for more.
  • Desserts: Bread pudding and peach cobbler, accompanied by homemade whipped cream, showcased the chef’s artistry in creating decadent finishes.


  • Chef’s Tasting Menu: $75 per person
  • Vegetarian Tasting Menu: $65 per person


The drink selection at Sel complements the culinary experience. The bartender’s recommendations were spot-on, elevating our dining experience. The refreshing champagne paired perfectly with the intricate flavors of the dishes. The attention to detail in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options ensures a delightful beverage experience.

External Reviews

Curious about what others have to say? External reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor echo our positive sentiments. Customers rave about the attentive service, exceptional dishes, and the overall charm of Sel.

The consensus from various sources solidifies Sel’s standing as a must-visit destination for those seeking a special dining experience.

Sel is more than just a restaurant; it’s an intimate culinary haven where passion for fresh ingredients and innovative cooking techniques collide.

Chefs Branden and John’s dedication to their craft is evident in every dish, making Sel a standout in the world of fine dining. For a special evening filled with exceptional food and a charming ambiance, Sel is the perfect choice.

Address: 7044 E Main St Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: (480) 949-6296



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Matty Thomas January 4, 2024 Scottsdale