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For this week’s video review, we visited a new spot in North Scottsdale called Sorso Wine Room. Opened about four months ago and located in Scottsdale Quarter on the corner of North Street & 73rd Place. The name Sorso means sip in Italian. The perfect name for an Italian wine room. But do not let the name fool you, the food at Sorso is magnifico.

This new Scottsdale restaurant also has a pretty cool origin story. In 2014 husband and wife owners, Mark and Lauren Teahen were deciding what the next step in their lives was going to be. Mark had just retired from being a Major League Baseball player after a 12 season career and they had some options in front of them. One of which was for Mark to possibly play baseball in Europe. So without much planning they ventured across the pond. It was on this adventure that Mark and Lauren ended up in Italy, sorseggiando wine. Yes, apparently sorseggiando translates to sipping in Italian. I dare you not to try and say “sorseggiando wine” without an Italian accent right now. You did it didn’t you? Me too.

Back to the story. It was here at a wine bar in Chianti, Italy that Mark and Lauren noticed a sort of self-serve wine set up. You get a card, load it with a dollar amount and then you can get your own wine as well as try a variety of different types of wine. A light bulb went off in Mark and Lauren’s heads; this would be a perfect restaurant concept in Scottsdale.

Fast forward a year later and Mark and Lauren were back in Scottsdale bringing the idea that they had in Italy to life. With Sorso, Mark and Lauren wanted to create a unique and welcoming restaurant as well as bring something truly special to the City of Scottsdale. As you will see when you visit Sorso (yes, you will want to visit) and in our video review they completely killed it. The restaurant looks amazing, and it has a great ambiance. But most importantly the wine is amazing, and the food is delicious.

In the video review, we try some of their vast selection of wine with our Sorso self-serve cards. Just like in that wine bar in Italy! Pro-Tip: Be mindful of your tab, there is so much great wine that it is easy to get carried away. Bonus Pro-Tip: Make sure to have your wine glass with you when you press the button, these aren’t Slurpee machines. As for the food, the food! Oh, mamma mia! The food is amazing. I could write another thousand words on just the food, but I think I will let the video speak for it. Also in the video, we learn that Chris is huge into decor. I make a new best friend. Miguel talks more than usual and make sure that you stay for the outtakes at the end of the video. They are unusually funny.

We hope you enjoy the video review, then you visit Sorso Wine Room to SIP, TASTE or POUR some wine or have some craft beer (yes, they have that too! Killing it!), and try their amazing food! Also of note, if you can’t stay you can just pop in to grab a bottle of wine, a growler or food to go!

Lastly, shout out to our waitress Tatiana, she was awesome! So make sure to ask for her when you go in.

We LOVE feedback so please let us know your thoughts, likes or dislikes in the comments below.

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  • Overall Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Food Flavor
  • Drinks, Beers and everything in between
  • Atmosphere

Sorso Wine Room is a unique, welcoming restaurant and truly brings something special to the City of Scottsdale. As you will see when you visit Sorso (yes, you will want to visit) the restaurant looks amazing, and it has a great ambiance. But most importantly the wine is amazing, and the food is delicious.


Written by Troy Smith

I am a food lover, as well as a food fighter. I never underestimate the power of positive thinking. I don't get up before hitting snooze at least three times, and I haven't ever met an order of chips and salsa that I didn't like.

1 Comment
  1. Ken

    Great video guys! Thanks for playing around with the wine dispensers! Hope you enjoyed it. Sorso is a first rate establishment and we are incredibly proud to work with them! Now, our whole office is hungry and it’s not time to go eat.

  2. […] Why it’s on our Happy Hour in Scottsdale List: Sorso Wine Room in the Scottsdale Quarter is the home of the state-of-the-art WineEmotion wine dispenser. Featuring a selection of 32 wines that you can pour yourself a sip, sample or full glass after inserting your key card. For happy hour they have two for one glasses of house pour wines, half off bottles of house pour wines, two for one draft beers, and tantalizing deals on gourmet nosh, including 3 select bruschettas for $10, half off house dips with crostini, and half off ortaggio plate with fresh vegetables and hummus. Happy Hour Mon-Fri From 3 pm to 6 pm  Check out our Video Review […]

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